How To Measure For Wall Panels? | A Detailed Guide

Wall panels are an excellent choice to give your interiors an elegant makeover while improving the overall aesthetics and ambiance. Whether you are looking for a modern aesthetic or a rustic touch, these coverings have hundreds and thousands of unique styles. When it comes to installing wall coverings in your living spaces, you have to take precise wall measurements to ensure accuracy.

When paneling your residential or commercial wall, one wrong measurement can spell a disaster and break the entire room’s look. You have to measure for walls to accurately and precisely fit coverings over them. If you plan on getting your walls covered and looking for wall panel measuring tips, this piece of writing by Fixit Dubai is for your comprehension.

Simple Steps To Measure For Walls Panels Treatment

For wall panels in Dubai, there are different ways of styling and installation according to the distinct design choices. Whether you want to cover an entire room or a single wall, this guide will help with meticulous measurement techniques.

Grab All Required Tools & Materials


Wood Panels

  • Pencil Or Marker
  • Paper Or Notebook
  • Spirit Level
  • Laser Rangefinders
  • Measuring Tape
  • Step Ladder


Measure For Length

When you are going to panel your walls, it is essential to take the measurements of both walls and decorative covers for a perfect fit. These wall coverings can be seen in various dimensions or also be customized to fit the exclusive layout of the room. If you have already purchased coverings, you don’t have to measure for them and you can skip this measure.

To proceed with wall measurements, take notice of the length from left to right from both sides to get accurate details. Take a step ladder and use a tape measure to take the wall dimensions of the area to be paneled in the entire length. Ensure taking measurements from three spots including the top, middle, and bottom, and go with the longest one. Note down the length details on paper using a pencil.


Measure For Width

Measure For Width

After you get the length details for the walls to be paneled, you can move toward measuring your walls for width. As walls can be half-paneled in width for styling purposes, you have to be considerate about the width to get the precise details. According to the design of your coverings, start taking measurements in width.

For a half-cover design, you can use the spirit level along with a tape measure to get fine measurements. While giving careful attention to every detail, note down the dimensions you get by using a tape measure. In case you forget, write down the details on paper using a pencil or a marker.


Subtract Windows & Doors

When you are measuring the dimensions of these decorative wall covers, there’s another mandatory detail to consider which is the windows and door of your room. If you are going to cover the entire room with these decorative coverings, consider the baseboard mouldings, skirtings, and in-between doors and windows.

These doors and windows will be subtracted from the measurements. In this way, you can minus the area that is cut down potentially during the installation process to avoid an upcoming mishap. You can also save your money by purchasing the exact number of coverings in this way.


Determine The Number Of Wall Panels

Standard wall coverings come in 4-12″ wide x 94″ tall sections per box. However, these parameters can vary when it comes to customizations for a perfect wall fit. These coverings with tall sections are ideal for rooms with large and high-mounted ceilings.

However, these decorative covers can be cut to accommodate the right size and area to be covered. In this case, the large section of these coverings can be cut into shorter ones. Proceeding with this approach, you can ideally decide on the number of coverings to be purchased for covering your interior walls.

To Round Up the Measure for Wall Panels

Wall paneling is a great way to add dimension, depth, and texture to any room’s interior along with other functional measures. Whether you want to style your residential or commercial places, these coverings are the most affordable & timeless choice to settle for. To give your interior walls a perfect finish, taking the wall or covering’s dimensions right is a recommendable factor.

First, gather all the tools and materials that are required to measure for wall panels. Accurately measure for length and width using the measuring tape according to the area needed to be covered on the wall. Minus out the windows and doors in between for covering or styling the entire room. Make sure to determine the number of wall covers to be installed in your room concerning their parameters.

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