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#1 Carpet Rugs Dubai

Fixit Dubai is the best carpet shop in the UAE where you’ll get the most unique and versatile design ranges, sublime build quality and long-term favourable treatments.

#1 Carpet Rugs Dubai
Innovative Techniques

Complete Servicing Availability

Affordable Rate

Affordable Price Ranges

Durable Quality

Durable Floor Coverings

Outstanding Style Options

Affordable Carpet Rugs Dubai

We Have The Best Solutions To Style Your Floors

With us, you can turn all your decor ideas into reality, all entirely on a budget. We have our finest carpet rugs Dubai to help you create luxurious interiors.

Better Comfort

These soft floorings will instantly improve how your surroundings appear and feel.

Cheap Upgrades

Our soft flooring variety and services are available at pocket-friendly prices.

Our Trendy Carpet & Area Rug Varieties

Here’s our latest collection of soft floor coverings for both residential and commercial interiors. Feel free to reach out for details!

A furnished washroom aea with carpets and rugs
Luxury living room with rugs and carpets
Modern rugs placed in living room
Soft rugs under bed
Light blue color rugs and carpets in dining room
Off white carpets in living room
Dark Blue full length carpets
Persian style rugs
Full length carpets in classroom

We Provide All Carpeting Treatments Under One Roof

And that’s how we ensure providing you with maximum convenience. Other than flaunting new carpets, you can also get our services for carpet fixing or enhancing old ones.

Seamless Installation
Installation & Fitting

Get fast and flawless permanent or temporary installations for carpets and rugs on all subfloor and staircase types.

expert installation
Repairs & Fixing

Don’t want a new purchase? Bring your worn-out and boring carpets and rugs to us for seamless reviving.

Measurements & Sizing

Not sure how to measure your floors properly? Hire our experts for error-free work and carpet size customizations.

Best Carpet Rugs Dubai

Reasons For Purchasing Our Carpet Rugs Dubai

Up ahead is why you must try out our rugs and floor carpets for better aesthetics, comfort and health benefits.


Greater Comfort Provision

Our carpets and area rugs minimize all the discomfort and safety hazards caused by cold, hard and/or slippery floors.

Reduced Noise Disturbance 

Installing these floor coverings will provide you with calm interiors where you can relax, unwind and be highly productive.

Higher Interior Insulation

We design our carpets with longer yarns and they also have integrated backings to prevent heat loss from a space.

Better Energy Efficiency

Adding our rugs will effectively regulate your room’s temperature, favor HVAC working and ensure lower energy bills with natural insulation.


Easy Floor Maintenance

With our thick carpeting, your floors will stay safe from all stains, scratches, scuff marks and impact damage.

Effortless Care Requirements

Our rugs and area carpets are very easy to maintain and don’t require excessive addressing time or any costly services.

Enjoy Personalized Decors With Our Custom Carpeting

For those of you who don’t find ready-made products appealing, we offer the exclusive service of custom-made carpets. You can have every part of these soft floorings customized for a tasteful decor.

Carpet Fiber Options: We offer both natural and synthetic choices including silk, wool, olefin, nylon, acrylic, jute, sisal, seagrass, and polyester.

Patterns And Prints: You can choose Chevron, Barcode, Roman Stripes, Greek Key, Animal Print, or Floral patterns or get personalized ones.

Profiles And Surfaces: We provide a range of size, shape and thickness options for carpets and floor rugs for maximum usefulness.

Classic Carpet Rugs Dubai
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Get Top-quality Carpets Online!

Enjoy up to 20% discount on all our trendsetting carpets rugs Dubai options. Also, our installation rates are very economical.

Customized Carpet Rugs Dubai

Areas You Can Improve With Our Carpeting Products

Our best rugs and carpets can instantly make any and every space noticeably cozy and presentable. You can use them in bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, lounges, corridors, home offices, outdoors, balconies, kitchens, bathrooms, commercial interiors, receptions and atop staircases.

Durable Customized Rugs Dubai

Why Choose Us?

Fixit Dubai is where all your decor improvement needs shall be best addressed. Carpets And Rugs are amongst such products of ours with which we can make your places ideally comfortable.

Free Floor Measurements

Online And In-person Consultations

Carpet Sample Delivery Service

Quick Installations & Placements

Topmost Customer Feedback

Following are some of the recent comments on our servicing excellence. A few of them talk about the premium quality of our soft floorings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rugs and carpets differentiate from each other in terms of size, installation manners and design impact. Carpets are massive in size and almost always fixed permanently to floors, unlike rugs. Besides, they work as major interior-defining components while rugs work as decorative items.

For this purpose, choose a rug that has a different fiber type and texture than that of the carpet. In the case of a carpet with a thick pile, opt for a thin and flat weave or cut pile rug. Besides, if you want to highlight the carpet, place a bold style rug over it and go otherwise if you need harmony.

Certainly, both can truly change how a room appears and feels. They offer underfoot comfort, excellent insulation, improve air quality, reduce noises and make it easy to protect and prolong floors. Also, their addition can make every area greatly energy-efficient.

Of course, you can not just review carpet and rug samples but can also request their delivery to your place for a maximally convenient experience. Other than free carpet fiber samples, we also offer consultations and suggestions to make you choose the best options, per your lifestyle.

Yes, you can visit our outlet and explore the huge variety of our carpets. In addition, you can talk to our experts about your expectations and get helpful suggestions. Other than the finest soft flooring products, we also provide installation, customization and fixing services.

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