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Durable SPC Flooring

SPC Flooring Dubai: The Luxury And Lucrative Flooring Choice

SPC Flooring by Fixit Dubai is the latest and most incredible version of Vinyl flooring and is an entirely perfect option for both residential and commercial settings. Our SPC vinyl flooring combines several features, both aesthetic perks and functional benefits, and is the best home improvement you can ever get.

This flooring is beyond heavy-duty and significantly outperforms all regular floor systems as well. And to make the purchase even more amazing for you, we’ve come up with nearly endless design varieties of this high-end flooring treatment.


We Are The Most Renowned SPC Flooring Suppliers In The UAE

And at our first-rate SPC Flooring Brand, you’ll have the most memorable and value-for-money shopping experience. Our durable SPC Flooring is a perfectly heavy-duty floor treatment, ideal for all purposes as well as usage intensities. In addition to that, we’ve got you the trendiest SPC flooring designs to go well with each and every decor setting of yours. 

You can buy SPC flooring from us in a range of designs, patterns, textures and color choices, depending on your aesthetic preferences. We provide the best SPC flooring warranty in the UAE and you’ll find our flooring treatment to be the most favorable in the long run. Explore our platform to learn about our latest and most innovative SPC flooring Designs trending in Dubai.

Our Latest SPC Flooring Collection

Modern Look SPC Flooring Dubai
Luxury SPC Flooring Dubai
Customized SPC Flooring Dubai
Classic SPC Flooring Dubai
Best Quality SPC Flooring Dubai
Stunning SPC Flooring Dubai
Reliable SPC Flooring Dubai

Why is Our SPC Flooring the Most Durable?

SPC flooring is one of the most durable types of vinyl flooring. You can get the endless feature of this solid flooring solution. Fixit Dubai provides premium-quality flooring made from a mixture of natural stone powder and multiple stabilizing materials. The most heavy-duty material, limestone, is used in making SPC tiles.

To ensure durability, we ensure that the limestone used in our SPC tiles is grounded in fine powder form. This flooring is designed to place in high foot traffic areas. We also provide UV-cured coating on this flooring solution for a luxurious look.

Our SPC floor tiles are highly resistant to scratches, fading, and stains. Hire our professionals, who are experts in installing this flooring through high-pressure and high-temperature processes.

Classic SPC Flooring
Top Quality SPC Flooring Dubai

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Key Features and Benefits of SPC Flooring

SPC vinyl flooring is considered the most durable and modern floor treatment in the UAE. This flooring treatment is 100% waterproof, which makes it the perfect option for kitchens or bathrooms. The core of our SPC tiles is made with a stabilizing material, making it resistant to warping and buckling.

Affordable SPC Flooring
Best Quality SPC Flooring Dubai

You can get this flooring installed by our professionals at reasonable prices. One of the main reasons people love this flooring is because it is made using recycled materials that are free from VOCs. By installing this flooring, we can enhance the beauty of our floor without compromising on environmental health.

Its affordability, functionality, and appearance inspire the people of UAE to get this flooring done on their floors. Our SPC vinyl flooring is known for its durability, stability, aesthetic looks, and water resistance. Here are some of the amazing benefits and key features of having SPC flooring in Dubai.

  • Pocket-Friendly
  • Highly Durable
  • Aesthetic Appearance
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Environment Friendly

Our Latest SPC Flooring Collection

Why Choose Us?

At Fixit Dubai, the top SPC Flooring Supplier in the UAE, we have been striving to maximally satisfy our clients. Our major goal is to give high-grade items and services while offering the best customization assistance to suit client needs.

If you want high-quality SPC flooring in Dubai for your homes and offices, you should visit our showroom to look at the different designs of premium quality SPC vinyl flooring. You can get your favourite flooring at affordable rates and fast installation services.

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