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#1 Quality Customized Wallpaper

At Fixit Dubai, we offer a complete range of luxurious, scratch-resistant, and elegant wallpapers at budget-friendly pricing.

#1 Quality Customized Wallpaper

Versatile Designs

Easy Maintenance

Quality Material

Resilient Materials

expert installation

Expert Installation

Finest Wallpaper Dubai

How Does Our Customized Wallpaper Spruce Up Your Walls?

Are you looking for customized wallpaper in Dubai? Explore our versatile wallpapers that will not only enhance the aesthetics of your interiors but will also make them more comfortable. We craft these stylish wallpapers with heavy-duty material for long-lasting functionality.

Aesthetic Value

The vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and eye-catching textures of our wallpapers will improve the elegance of your place.

Highly Durable
High Performance

Our heavy-duty wallpapers will make your room walls sound-insulated, thermostable, and hypoallergenic.

Our Versatile Varieties Of Customize Wallpaper

Areas of Application of Our Custom Wallpaper

The unique craftsmanship, easy maintenance, and excellent sustainability make our wallpapers a perfect wall-covering option for both residential and commercial places.

Residential Places

You can modernize your living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining hall, home office, and bathroom walls with our elegant wallpapers.

Commercial Areas

We craft sophisticated and classic wall coverings for your office, restaurant, hotel room, shop, hospital, university, and other commercial buildings.

Damp/Shady Places

Our innovatively designed water-resistant wall sheets can be used for damp/shady places to prevent water absorption into walls.

Reliable Custom Mae Wallpaper

Benefits Of Buying Our Custom Wallpaper Dubai Online

Choosing our customized wall coverings for any place will provide you with exceptional aesthetics and mind-blowing comfort. Explore the major benefits of our modern wallpapers, which are given below:


They are crafted with eco-friendly and renewable materials to reduce VOC emissions.


Hypoallergenic stuff that resists dust, dirt, and mold development on the wall.

Highly Aesthetic

Intricate colors, patterns, linings, and textures to give walls an exquisite look.

Easy Maintenance

Easily maintainable surface due to outstanding stain and moisture resistance.

Fire-Retardant Stuff 

We utilize fire-retardant material with protective coatings to avoid spreading of fire.

UV-Resistant Material 

Highly colorfast and UV-resistant materials for long-lasting beautification.

Accessorize Your Walls With Custom Made Wallpaper Dubai

If you want to add a personalized touch to the interior of your home, office, or any area, then look at our custom-made wallpaper Dubai. We provide the best wallpaper customization services based on your specifications.

You can get any customization service you want, such as liner wallpaper, printed wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, foil wallpaper, flock wallpaper, mylar wallpaper, bamboo wallpaper, and so on.

You just have to tell us about your requirements and our professional staff will design the wallpapers with the iconic combination of vibrant shades that you could only dream of applying to your interior. Our creative wallpaper-fixing Dubai designs, patterns, and colors complement and blend with the furniture and other interior articles and give a comfortable/cozy environment.

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Look What’s In Our Custom Made Wallpaper Stock!

Look at the different options available in our collection for this synthetic material.

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Our custom-designed wallpapers will make your homes and offices the most valuable. We are offering this treatment at highly affordable rates these days. Rush now and get your walls beautified!

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First Class Wallpaper Dubai

Why Choose Us? will be your trustworthy partner in selecting the perfect wall treatment for your valuable places. We provide the top-notch, latest, and most innovative wallpaper that helps you cover and hide the imperfections on your wall. Our Custom Made Wallpaper Dubai is manufactured from top-rated materials and gives a smooth and elegant touch to your interior decor.

We always take care of our customers’ desires and always try to give them what they want from us. We can’t compromise on the quality of our products. That’s why we’ve maintained a 100% customer satisfaction record for many years till now. We will never let you down. Once you get our services, you will also become a fan of our work and the quality of our products.

Appreciative Comments From Our Clients

Being an interior designer, I always order their wall coverings for decorating villas, apartments, offices, and commercial buildings in Dubai. They provide premium quality stuff at low rates. My clients always appreciate their custom options.

David Hari

Their peel & stick wallpapers have changed the look of my office. Now, there is no need to paint walls. Their high-value papers give our wall a very elegant look. Also, they charged very low rates for the entire installation project. Thank You!

Haider Sultan

What a huge collection of wallpaper they have! I visited their store online. I was amazed to see the eye-catching colors and styles of their wallpapers. Their team assisted me in selecting the perfect piece as per my decor theme specifications.

Anum Bukhari

Frequently Asked Questions

The total custom-made wallpaper cost generally depends on its material, quality, craftsmanship, labor or installation cost, wall surface area, and additional custom needs. You can get free quotations from our team based on your requirements.

Yes, the installation of our durable and easily maintainable wall coverings is a more cost-effective and safe investment than painting. After fixing our long-lasting wall sheets, you don’t need to repair or repaint the wall surface. Paint also requires more upkeep as compared to our wall sheets.

To give a personalized look to your wall, you can choose any custom material, color, design, pattern, texture, and size based on your residential or commercial area theme, color scheme, and functional requirements. Our team provides maximum assistance in choosing the best options.

Of course, we provide cost-effective and quick services for customized wallpaper installation in Dubai. Our experts utilize modern techniques and innovative tools for quick and flawless installation. You can approach our team online for booking at any desired time.

Fixit Dubai is Dubai’s #01 wallpaper shop that offers a broad collection of modern and uniquely crafted wallpapers at affordable rates. Our custom wall coverings not only ensure exceptional elegance but also make walls more low-maintenance and safe.

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