Best Materials & Styles For Decorative Wall Panels

Decorative wall paneling opens a new way of innovations and style for wall design. In this article, Fixit Dubai has discovered trendy and eye-cachy ideas for styling wall panels. If you want to enhance the functionality of your walls, you should first analyze the panel durability, resilience, style, design, maintenance, and installation methods. Each type of these wainscoting has unique features due to its material variation and way of fixing. By considering below mentioned panel materials and ideas, you can get the exact wall functionality that you require.

Choose the Required Panel Material & Idea | Wall Styling

Considering your area’s weather conditions and the average temperature is mandatory for selecting a wall art panel. Because they require optimum temperature and humidity to prevent them from expansion, contraction, cracks, and moisture.

When choosing wall panels in Dubai, always prefer the glue-down panels because these panels unlock extra benefits in terms of maintenance, budget, and installation. These panels require very little effort to fix on the walls due to the already attached glue-down layer. Glue-down panels also offer more stickiness and adhesiveness as compared to other paneling materials. Moreover, these panels are highly favorable for damp areas due to their high moisture or humidity resistance. To make the walls of your living room thermally insulated, these panels provide a stable layer to resist temperature changes.

Materials To Choose For Decorative Wall Panels


Wood Panels

Wood Panels

Wood is most commonly utilized in crafting these panels due to its multiple features, including maximum heat insulation. These are usually designed with other synthetic materials to enhance the stains and water resistance. Moreover, the wooden-made panels have their natural surface texture and can be cut down into any required size easily.


Gypsum Panels

Gypsum Panels

If you want to make walls completely water-proof and thermally insulated, experience the gypsum-made wall coverings. These durable covers are crafted with gypsum and other raw materials to get maximum customization options. You can get any paneling style such as plain, 3D, or textured with any bespoke color, shape, and size in this material. Additionally, these boards are thinner and lightweight than real bricks.


Polymeric Panels

Polymeric Panels

Polymeric panels are manufactured with polyurethane and polystyrene with versatile designs and shapes. The 3D & 2D patterns of these panels can enhance the ambiance and style of your wall styling. Polymeric strips are designed in variable sizes and thicknesses per wall surface requirements. These heavy-duty and moisture-resistant panels can also be used for outdoor wall surfaces.


Glass Panels

Glass Panels

Nowadays, glass panels have their extensive use due to their illuminating and spacious effects. These panels are mostly used in the bathrooms to create an eye-catching and bright ambiance. To craft a stylish look, decorative glass panels are designed in a plain, back-painted, or tinting way. These panels are worth buying because of their interior-reflecting properties.


PVC Panels

PVC Wall Panels

The PVC panels have unique potential due to their lightweight, easy handling, and installation. You can easily maintain these panels due to their extreme stains and moisture resistance. Moreover, the PVC-made panels are designed in multiple colors, textures, and styles to create a bespoke wall surface. These heavy-duty and recyclable panels are also utilized to cover the walls of bathrooms, basements, and kitchens.




Medium Density Fiberboards are widely utilized in crafting heavy-duty panels for wall designing. These boards can be easily molded for precise wall paneling techniques. To make a complementary interior, you can choose any neutral or solid color for these MDF panels. In addition, these panels are usually applied on the walls in rectangular and square shapes. These MDF panels also resist insects, moisture content, scratches, and stains.


Faux Brick

Faux Brick Wall Panel

Faux bricks have been used to craft an accent wall ambiance in farmhouses, fireplaces, or living rooms. These brick panels are lightweight and budget-friendly options for home & office walls. Moreover, these bricks are crafted in variable sizes and thicknesses as per wall dimensions. These durable and long-lasting bricks create a classical pattern and texture on the wall surface.


Trendy Wall Paneling Ideas 

Trendy Wall Paneling Ideas


Craft An Accent Wall

To craft an accent wall in your room area, you just have to paint the walls with a navy blue color. Besides, wall coloring you should utilize the plain trims on the wall. By fixing the trims on the walls, you can craft a geometric and textured wall outlook.


Insert Picture Frame Molding

Picture frame molding creates a picture frame-like pattern on the wall. This decorative wall trim idea is most popular due to its decency and elegance. By fixing these moldings in a frame pattern, distinct boxes are created on the wall.


Experience Fluted Paneling

This fluted paneling idea attracts visitors due to its extra contemporary look and geometric lining pattern. In this design, wooden or vinyl strips are installed on half portion of the wall to make the surface bold. These thin vertical strips are usually fixed on walls from ceiling to floor surface.


Shiplap Paneling On Wall

Shiplap is the most classical and traditional paneling idea due to its easy crafting. For creating this wall design, you have to craft planks in any color, material, design, and size on the wall. Leaving space between these planks ensures decent alignment.


3D Paneling Idea

Using 3D panels on the wall is very popular nowadays due to its realistic effects. These panels are crafted with a wide range of materials in solid or neutral colors. In this multi-dimensional idea, the wall reflects the visual effects because of its 3-dimensional patterns.


Try Grid Pattern In Paneling

In this wall styling, you need to craft thin wooden trims on the wall with adhesive material. The grid pattern makes multiple small-sized boxes on the surface of the wall. Always choose the specific color contrast– bold and light colors for trims and wall surfaces respectively.


Style Wall With Wainscoting

Wainscoting is also another popular idea for decorating the wall in both modern and traditional ways. In this style, we need to attire the half-wall portion with decorative wallpapers and the rest of the wall will be covered with contrasting panels. This classical design can upgrade the boldness of walls due to a combination of both plain and patterned surfaces.


Try Black For A Bold Appearance

To get a bold room appearance, you can cover the walls of your room with solid black color paint. In addition, you also need to add black colored moldings along with a plain surface. These moldings or trims can be crafted with wood, MDF, vinyl, or any other material. This modern wall appearance also touches the wainscoting paneling style.


Additional Benefits Of High-Quality Wall Panels

Additional Benefits Of High-Quality Wall Panels
  • Environment-friendly composition.
  • Temperature & moisture-resistant.
  • Can be easily handled & maintained.
  • Offers a variety of options in colors, materials, & patterns.
  • Exhibits sound-proof features for a calm interior.

Final Words!

To wind up this article, we can say that decorative wall panels are broadly used for wall covering nowadays. The unexceptional moisture, scratch, and stain resistance give this paneling idea more potential. Moreover, the broad range of 2D and 3D patterns and textures can also make the look of walls more stylish and luxurious. Fixit Dubai has highlighted all common types of paneling materials and ideas to craft a better look for your wall.

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