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Though many of you haven’t heard of curtain tape Dubai they exist and are an important accessory required for curtains installation. Before installing a curtain, one must buy curtains tape. Without the them, it is almost impossible to hang the curtains. Although invisible from the eyes, curtains tape allows the curtains to hang on the rods. These curtain tapes are installed at the top of the curtains where curtains hooks are installed and at the backside. This prevents them from ruining the image of the curtains.

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Welcome to our service of curtain tape Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We provide you with different kinds of curtain tapes and of different quality too. You must choose a curtain tape according to the texture of the curtains. Fixit Dubai also provides you with curtains tapes and installs them perfectly so that they remain invisible to the naked eye. Once the curtains tape is installed then all you have to do is, that put the curtains hooks in them and hang the curtains on the rods. So, you can see that this process is not very difficult. Fixit Dubai will take care of it all for you.

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