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Fixit Dubai, the top-tier carpeting specialist, brings you the most efficient and cost-effective servicing of Carpets Overlocking. This treatment will protect and preserve your carpets for years on end.

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Carpets Overlocking Dubai To Beautify Your Carpets

Your carpets can be ruined in just a few months if you don’t take care of them properly. Take care of them to make them last for several years. We offer Carpets Overlocking Dubai services throughout the UAE, allowing you to save your carpets from threading.

Carpets are very expensive these days, so you can’t change them again and again. Instead, you just need to over lock them and then your carpet’s life will increase for years. We have experts for this task, and they can overlock your carpet according to your demand.

Our over-locking methods can increase the beauty of your carpet in just minutes. We overlock your carpet according to the interior of your room and the design of your carpet.

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Why Are Carpets Overlocking Dubai Necessary?

Carpet overlocking is very necessary for the safety of your carpets. We have a team of experts for this specific task who have received proper training in carpet locking. They know even the minor details of this process, so they will never disappoint you. 

You can even ask our experts what type of Carpets Overlocking Dubai will go best with your carpet and the interior of your room. You can also bring your favorite carpet over locking picture with you so we can design your carpet over locking according to your demands. 

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Why Choose Us?

If you are still thinking about why you should choose us for carpet over locking services, then you should know that we have 10 years of experience in this field. Fixit Dubai has done over locking of thousands of carpets. We have hundreds of satisfied customers around the UAE. You can easily trust us and join our family of honorable customers.

Our Carpets Overlocking Dubai services are very advanced and we can complete your work even in a day, so you don’t need to wait for your carpet any longer. You can over lock a new and an old carpet as well, according to your needs. Contact our customer care and book your appointment now.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Carpet overlocking is a process in which yarn is attached around a carpet’s edges with the help of an industrial sewing machine. This results in the creation of a well-finished and secured seam. Overlocking is often done to finish carpets, rugs, and runners and to protect them from fraying.

Carpet overlocking is crucial for several reasons; it keeps carpet threads from fraying and loosening, gives it a more presentable and well-finished look compared to tape binding, and also makes it easy to customize carpeting. Besides, it can also be used for attaching two rugs.

The usual cost of carpet overlocking is up to 5 AED to 18 AED per square meter. Factors like thickness, build quality and type of yarn, the condition of carpet and any customizations are likely to impact the overall expenses. This treatment is a cost-effective way to prolong carpets.

Yes, overlocking is suitable for nearly all carpet types, both natural and synthetic ones. Besides, it can be done to both new and old carpets for protection and enhancement purposes. It ensures maximum damage and wear prevention for carpets and is the best way to make them last long.