Wood Parquet Flooring Reviews: Pros & Cons

Plenty of hardwood floorings are trending due to their exceptional durability, sustainability, and aesthetic value. Parquet tiles also grabbed users’ attention due to their attractive designs, maintenance, longevity, and high elegance. These flooring tiles are crafted by merging small wood pieces in a specific pattern and design. Fixit Dubai has highlighted the pros and cons of this flooring in this article to provide new insights for users. Analyze these reviews to make the right decision.

Pros & Cons Of Wood Parquet Flooring

wood parquet flooring

Before discussing the pros and cons of this durable flooring, we need to consider its composition, laying patterns, and finishing. Wooden Parquet flooring is fabricated with a wide range of heavy-duty wooden materials such as Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Walnut, and Oak with compact plastic, paper, or cloth layers. These heavy-duty tiles are designed with various laying patterns such as Chevron, Herringbone, Basketweave, Checkerboard, Bricks, or Versailles. The parquet flooring in Dubai usually comes with a proper finishing for additional aesthetic benefits.

Pros Of Wood Parquet Flooring

We have assembled a list of pros of these parquet-designed tiles that impart maximum functionality and elegance to the floor surface.

  • Easy Installation
  • High Durability
  • Versatile Material Options
  • Exceptional Aesthetics
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Hypoallergenic Tiles
  • Cost Effective Flooring
  • High Underfoot Comfort
  • Enhance Investment

1- Easy Installation

For DIY enthusiasts, choosing this flooring type will be a better decision due to its easy installation. Parquet tiles can be fixed on the subfloor without utilizing any specific adhesive material or tool. However, you must consider any laying pattern before installation to ensure a flawless wooden tiles installation.

2- High Durability

These wooden tiles are manufactured with a wide range of premium quality natural woods and other protective coverings such as polyurethane, wax, or aluminum oxide layer. Multiple compact layers of hardwood, glass, paper, and finishing material are organized together for high stability and firmness. The plank’s multiple-layering structure also ensures high shock absorbance.

3- Versatile Options

This flooring provides plenty of laying patterns, eye-catching colors, versatile wood textures, and material options. These tiles are designed with walnut, cherry, mahogany, and oak materials in different sizes. Wood parquet tiles are highly favorable due to their versatile options for both residential (living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, dining areas) and commercial places (hotels and restaurants).

4- Exceptional Aesthetics

The solid or neutral wood color strains such as brown, grey, chocolate, golden, or red ensure exceptional aesthetics to the floor surface because they can complement every decor theme. In addition, the natural wooden textures add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your space. The mind-blowing patterns also capture visitors’ attention due to their gorgeous outlook.

5- Easy Maintenance

Wooden parquet flooring offers excellent dust and stain resistance; hence requires very little effort for cleaning and maintenance. You can use vacuuming techniques and household detergents for regular dusting and washing. To ensure appropriate maintenance, you can also consult with professionals.

6- Hypoallergenic Tiles

Due to high dust or dirt resistance, these tiles also create a hypoallergenic floor surface. The finished plain layer of these planks prevents dust accumulation. Furthermore, these hypoallergenic tiles also resist the pet hair and dander to avoid allergens growth.

7- Cost Effective Flooring

Compared to other types of flooring materials such as carpets, MDF, Vinyl, tiles, and stone, Parquet tiles are very cost-efficient. In addition, these tiles can be easily installed without using any adhesive material due to their click-lock arrangement. These factors also reduce the overall cost of parquet tile installation on the subfloor.

8- High Underfoot Comfort

The parquet planks provide maximum underfoot comfort compared to other flooring types such as stone, MDF, and ceramics. The high impact resistance and resilience due to durable compact layers ensure maximum underfoot comfort for users. Furthermore, the natural insinuating properties also maintain its surface warmth and cozy.

9- Enhance Investment

These wooden tiles are crafted with sustainable and durable materials that ensure longevity. Choosing this type of flooring enhances aesthetic value and increases your property value due to its longer lifespan, natural features, and unique laying patterns. Furthermore, finished wooden tiles don’t require maintenance and repair costs after installation.

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Cons Of Parquet Wood Tiles

Cons of wood parquet flooring

Aside from endless benefits, this wood flooring also has some cons that must be considered by the users before covering your floor surface with parquet tiles or planks.

  • Susceptible To Scratches
  • Humidity Concerns
  • Color Fading
  • Difficult Repairing

1- Susceptible To Scratches

The parquet planks come without finishing material usually prone to scratches due to their exposed wooden layer. If you’re going to install parquet covering, you should opt for finished parquet tiles that can resist minor or major scratches. The unfinished tiles also make it difficult to eliminate the scratches from their surface.

2- Humidity Concerns

Parquet planks or tiles are also prone to moisture content. The unfinished tiles allow the water or moisture content to penetrate their porous surface and reside under the bottom layers. Therefore, these planks are not recommended for damp shady places such as bathrooms, kitchens, and garages.

3- Color Fading

Color fading affects parquet tiles, which should be considered before choosing this flooring type. These wooden tiles provide very low UV resistance that leads to color fading. However, you can prevent these durable tiles from direct exposure to sunlight to protect their original texture and color.

4- Difficult Repairing

As the unfinished type of these tiles is highly susceptible to scratches, we need to repair them by utilizing expensive colorants, wood fillers, and sanders. You should always opt for parquet-finished flooring to avoid such expensive treatments and repairs.

Final Thoughts!

To summarize this article, we can say that Wood Parquet flooring is one of the best floor treatments requiring very little maintenance. Fixit Dubai has uncovered the prominent pros and cons of this durable and stylish flooring type. This wooden flooring is highly recommended for high aesthetic value, underfoot comfort, durability, long investment, cost-effectiveness, easy maintenance, and installation. However, it is also prone to scratches, color fading, and moisture content. Reviewing these key aspects gives you a holistic approach to this wooden flooring.

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