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Get High-quality Mosque Carpets Dubai 

Fixit Dubai, a top-notch carpet supplier in Dubai, brings you an extensive range of luxurious, comfortable and economical carpets for praying.

Luxury Mosque Carpets in Dubai
Long-lasting Comfort

Long-lasting Comfort

Luxurious Designs

Luxurious Designs

discount prices

Discounted Prices

Sublime Quality

Sublime Quality

Mosque Carpets Dubai
Mosque Carpet Dubai

We Are The Best Mosque Carpet Suppliers In UAE

And, shopping for our premium-grade praying floor carpets will offer you an amazing experience. Visit our trusted shop & get Masjid carpet at highly affordable prices.

Pocket-friendly Rates

Shop for our prayer mat wholesale and get 20% oFF.

Cost-effective Product

Our carpets will last a lifetime with the same comfort level.

Our Prayer Carpets Collection 2024

Explore our classy Mosque carpets Dubai designs and you’re meant to find the perfect ones per your taste!

Carpets for mosque in Dubai
Carpets for mosque in Dubai
Carpets for mosque in Dubai
Blue mosque carpets in Dubai
Modern masjid carpets
Parayer mats
Parayer mats
Beautiful mosque carpets
Dark blue carpets in Mosque

Benefits Of Having Our Carpets In Mosques

Here’s how investing in our sublime quality Mosque carpets will make your lives comfortable and convenient.


Extreme Underfoot Comfort

Our prayer mats offer paramount comfort to the body and block out the inconvenience of cold, hard floors.


Ease Of Standing 

The softness of this carpet makes it easy to prostrate and stand for longer time periods without the slightest fatigue

Maximum Usage Safety

All our carpets for praying are thick and backed to prevent slipping hazards and are the best choice for the elderly.

Pleasant Warmth Provision

These carpets also provide a delightful level of insulation and can make the praying area entirely comfortable for extensive staying.

Effective Noise Reduction 

The thick fabrication of our carpeting cancels out most of the noises to create a disruption-free area for praying/mindfulness.


Efficient Hygiene Maintenance 

This floor covering offers a dedicated and clean area for praying, is highly stain-resistant, and also very easy to clean.

Our Carpet Fitting Services For Mosque Interiors

We provide complete installation and styling services for both residential and commercial praying carpets. Here are some highlights of our excellence.

carpet (1)
Carpet Installation

We provide both temporary and permanent carpet fittings for homes and mosques which are quick, long-lasting, and cost-effective.

Carpet Fixing

You can get all old or damaged carpets revived by us through seamless stitchings, repairs, and customizations too.

Custom Sizing

For unique requirements and non-uniform areas, we provide praying carpets with custom measurements, plus alterations for existing ones.

Blue Color Mosque Carpets
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Finest-grade & Durable Carpets For Mosques | 20% OFF

Request a free quote for any of your favorite carpets or talk to our experts about your requirements to get highly pocket-friendly services.

We Also Offer Custom Options For Mosque Carpets

Styling your holistic corner or building with your favorite carpeting in terms of fibers, and patterns, adds a comfy effect. Now, you can enjoy the unique experience of getting custom-made carpeting with us.

Natural Fiber Choices: We offer high-quality, soft, and deluxe wool, silk, cotton, hemp, bamboo, jute, and sisal-made carpets for praying.

Synthetic Material Options: Get durable, heavy-duty, and low-maintenance nylon, microfiber, polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, and blended floor coverings.

Colors And Designs: You can get your prayer carpets in any desired color, floral pattern, intertwined prints, geometric patterns and with Mihrab options.

Dark & light blue mosque carpets
red color carpets for mosque

Prayer Carpeting For Every Place

At our carpet shop, you can find the most suitable carpet options to create your desired praying areas. We offer unique options for personal usage, medicated carpets, extra thick rugs, and regular praying room floor coverings. Tell us your needs!

Quality Mosque carpets UAE

Why Choose Us for Mosque Carpets Dubai?

Fixit Dubai is the most renowned provider of home decor and improvement services in the UAE. Mosque Carpeting is one of our best-selling products, perfect for residential and commercial-grade uses.

Free Doorstep Sample Availability

Fast Carpet Installation Services

Efficient Area Measurements

Free 24/7 Online Consultations

Appreciation From Customers

Here’s a brief example of how our premium-quality products and services are always loved by customers. Reading these reviews will help you with satisfactory purchases.




Best quality materials and mind-blowing design options. This store is worth trying out!




Ever since I had their prayer carpet, my joints have stopped hurting. Upon my request, they created a specifically plush carpeting and I totally love it. 100% recommended.




This shop has the most affordable carpets for mosques and still the quality is very fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

The carpeting in a Masjid is called “Mihrab Carpet” or “Prayer Rug”. That’s because it often features a dome-shaped design and an arch-shaped niche for praying (Mihrab) at the end. Besides, this carpet usually has floral patterns, chandelier prints, columns, and cultural designs.

Mosques are carpeted to create a dedicated area for praying and other religious activities. This also ensures comfort provision and necessary hygiene for worshippers. Also, the carpets for Mosques often have directional designs that indicate the direction of Qibla, crucial for praying.

Mosque carpets generally come with a 68 cm width and up to 133 cm length. A single prayer line or Saff is 49 inches in width. In terms of rolls, there are different options available like 8 ‘2’’ x 66’ and 98’’ x 60’ to suit various prayer halls and mosque interiors. Custom sizes are available too.

The most common materials used for making Masjid carpets are Wool, Polyester, Polypropylene, Acrylic, and Polyamide. All of them are comfortable, low-maintenance, durable, skin-friendly, anti-fading, and antibacterial too. You can also have their blended versions.

The cost of Mosque floor carpets starts from 20 AED per square meter and can reach 300 AED per square meter. Factors like size, fiber type, weaving density, and design intricacy can add to the pricing. Deluxe materials like wool or silk are more costly than synthetic ones like acrylic.

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