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Fixit Dubai provides you with water-resistant, eco-friendly, and durable grass carpets at affordable prices. We offer our comfortable carpets for your lawns, balconies, gardens, gyms, and hotels in Dubai and nearby cities.

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Key Features Of Our Grass-Like Carpets

Key Features Of Our Grass-Like Carpets

Cover your floor with our modern and luxurious grass floor carpets.

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Core Benefits Of Our Durable Grass Floor Carpets

  • Moisture Resistant: We design our carpets with materials that offer moisture and stain resistance, hence requiring very low maintenance.
  • Durability & Comfort: To enhance the carpet’s longevity and comfort, we utilize durable and comfortable materials for high foot traffic.
  • Eco-Friendly: To ensure a green and sustainable atmosphere, we always craft our carpets with biodegradable or renewable materials.
  • Hygienic Material: Our uniquely fabricated green carpets maintain maximum hygiene on your floor surface for your pets and kids.

Style Your Floors With Our Green Carpets In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

If you’re looking for a grass carpet shop near me in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we have a broad collection of green carpets to beautify your residential and commercial places. We also offer customization for grass-like carpets to meet your specifications. Contact our team for free appointments and consultancy.

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Offering Maximum Customization Options For Grass Carpet Dubai

We provide you with tailor-made and highly functional artificial grass flooring in Dubai. You can choose these high-quality green carpets in a broad spectrum of materials, sizes, color shades, and underlay options. However, for material options, you can choose polyethylene, propylene, and nylon. We also provide these carpets in multiple shades of green such as dark green, light green, sage green, sea green, or brown green. Moreover, you can design your carpet with any size and thickness. You can choose polyurethane, rubber, latex, wool, or foam for the underlying.

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Get Expert Services For Grass Carpets Installation

We have a professional team for the precise installation of grass carpets in your residential and commercial places. Our team utilizes innovative techniques and tools to fix carpets on the floor. We always double-check the finishing to make sure that your carpet is perfectly aligned and offers maximum floor stability.

We take free floor measurements of your indoor or outdoor spaces.

Our team prepares the surface properly and fills any holes in the surface.

For the carpet’s longevity, we always prefer a shock-absorbing underlying.

Our skilled workers provide complete maintenance and repair of your carpets.

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Working Procedure
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Why Choose Us?

Being the best grass carpet supplier in Dubai, Fixit Dubai aims to provide high-quality materials with a variety of color stains and textures. To save your time and money, we also provide professional services for soft-flooring maintenance, repair, and cleaning. Moreover, we provide you with maximum customization options for carpets and rugs to enhance your floor ambiance. You can contact our team 24/7 for bookings and consultancy.

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Grass green carpet is made up of synthetic fibers or blades and backing materials. The blades are fabricated with nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene while backing materials are composed of polyester or plastic.

Our grass carpets are moisture and water-resistant due to their unique fabrication. However, you can use water to clean and remove debris.

We have a broad range of grass carpets with variable designs for permanent or temporary installation. Our sports turf green carpets are used for permanent installation while decorative grass rugs are used for temporary fixing.

Fake grass is also called artificial turf or grass-like carpets. It comprises very condensed synthetic fibers just like natural grass. These synthetic fibers are composed of nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene.