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Restore your worn-out carpets through our reliable and secure stitching services. We repair every kind of gap, tear, burn, and fraying edge flawlessly at budget-friendly rates.

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Professional Team

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Guaranteed Results

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Flawless Stitching


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Carpets Stitching Dubai is Better than Ready-made Carpets

Carpets can be considered a beauty enhancer for the floors of your rooms, houses, and offices. Many people don’t have the slightest idea that how a carpet can change the looks of a room. People all around the world are manufacturing carpets and rugs for commercial and residential purposes.

Carpets Stitching Dubai is always better than buying a ready made carpet. If you want a carpet that will properly set in your place then you must have to get the services of carpet stitching. These made to measure carpets will give you a lot of benefits.

You can get your favorite design in the best fabric, and then you can get it stitched by the experts according to your wish. We are providing you the best carpet stitching services in Dubai and UAE by our experts to glorify your place.

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Why Choose Us For Carpets Stitching Dubai?

If you are looking for some experts for your Carpets Stitching Dubai, then you are at the right place. We at Fixit Dubai have a team of experts that can give you excellent services of carpet stitching. No matter what type of stuff you are choosing or what design you want, our experts make a carpet according to your needs.

The Cost of stitching carpets is usually very high but we are providing you with all our services for your carpets at very low rates. So you can get your carpet stitched by our experts at budget-friendly rates. We can also give you free installation services if you purchase the carpet’s material from us.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Yes! We can bind two carpet pieces to create a seamless and flawless look. To join pieces, adhesive tape is used that can align them together. Additionally, if there are any fraying edges, the seaming iron can be used at a moderate heat setting so as not to damage the carpet fibers.

Using a utility knife is the simplest way to cut the carpet’s tough backing while not jamming the blade into the fiber deeply. Additionally, the specifically designed electric carpet-cutting tool can be used that requires less effort than a knife.

To stitch carpets the most traditional way is woven in which carpet backing and surface pile are woven together through the loom. However, you can also use a specialized technique of hand-stitching which is a time-consuming process.

After design planning, buying materials, and creating a loom setup, your carpet will go through the process of tying thread knots followed by wefts and beating to create an even surface. Continue knotting and weft until the desired portion is created and trim the excess fibers for finishing.