What Is Parquet Flooring? Everything You Need to Know

A wide range of hardwood flooring tiles are manufactured with variable designs, color schemes, patterns, and sizes to get a luxurious floor theme. However, the trend of parquet hardwood tiles has unlocked new ways of flooring styles with durable materials. In this article, Fixit Dubai has highlighted everything about Parquet design (flooring) that you need to know. We tried our best to cover all possible aspects of parquet floor tiles– types, finishing options, installation, maintenance, and pros and cons. By reviewing all these aspects, you will get a novel approach to parquet tile flooring.

Parquet Wood Flooring | A Comprehensive Review

Parquet planks or strips are crafted with intricate patterns and versatile designs to enhance the elegance of the floor surface. These tiles are manufactured with a wide range of hardwood material options such as maple, cherry, walnut, mahogany, and oak along with bottom layers of plastic, paper, or cloth.


Pros Of Parquet Flooring

Covering the floor surface with parquet floor tiles opens endless benefits for users.

  • Highly Durable

Parquet flooring is designed with durable and natural hardwood types that ensure high longevity and sustainability. Furthermore, these tiles are crafted with multiple compact layers to boost durability and firmness.

  • Easy Installation

For DIY installation, these parquet tiles are highly suitable because they can be easily fixed on the subfloor with any specific material and tool. Before installation of flooring, you can choose any laying pattern to create a unique flooring ambience.

  • Versatile Material Options

The intricate patterns, versatile material, and color options make this wooden flooring a perfect choice to cover the floor surface of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, and commercial areas. Moreover, you can choose any hardwood type per your budget and style.

  • Easy Maintenace

Parquet wooden tiles also require easy maintenance due to their excellent dust and stain resistance properties. You can easily sweep or mop their surface with a vacuum cleaner and a simple household detergent solution respectively.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

The wooden texture of these floor tiles can craft a natural floor ambience. You can choose this flooring in multiple colour shades of wood. The unique geometric patterns also upgrade the aesthetic appeal of parquet strips.


Cons Of Parquet Flooring

Cons Of Parquet Flooring

Besides its wide range of benefits, this flooring also exhibits some cons that should be reviewed by the users before buying this flooring.

  • Not Suitable For Damp Places

The unfinished parquet flooring is not suitable for damp or shady places due to its poor resistance against moisture or water content. These tiles require proper sealings or finishing to prevent water soaking.

  • Susceptible To Scratches

The unfinished wooden tiles are also susceptible to scratches or marks due to their open surface. In addition, it is also difficult to wipe scratches or marks from their surfaces.

  • Difficult Repairing

The repairing or refinishing of these tiles demands very costly treatment. To repair the scratches, you need to utilize the best quality sanders, colorants, and wood fillers.


Parquet Flooring Types

Parquet Flooring Types

These wooden tiles are classified based on laying patterns and designs to give a unique statement.

1- Chevron

Chevron is one of the most popular laying patterns of wooden tiles on the subfloor. This pattern crafts a V-shaped design of laying tiles with angles of 45 degrees. In this type, all strips of parquet flooring are the same in size.

2- Herringbone

For crafting a Herringbone pattern, we place the tiles or strips with straight ends in a zigzag way. This pattern is somewhat similar to Chevron but parquet planks are arranged at an angle of 90 degrees instead of 45 degrees.

3- Basketweave

As the name mentioned, In basketweave type, parquet planks are arranged just like the weave patterns of a basket. The planks are intermingled with each other to craft a weave-like pattern.

4- Checkerboard

A checkerboard is a design in which square parquet tiles are arranged in an alternative pattern to craft an eye-catching floor ambiance. In this pattern, alternative tile squares have opposite colors.

5- Versailles

If you want to make a bold floor statement, experience this laying pattern of parquet planks. In this pattern, tiles are arranged in a diagonal pattern to craft a diamond-like look.

6- Mosaic Or Bricks

In mosaic or brick type, small square tiles are arranged in rows of two to four tiles. We have arranged the flooring tiles in mosaic patterns by placing them perpendicular to each other.


Prefinished & Unfinished Parquet Flooring

Prefinished & Unfinished Parquet Flooring

These tiles are designed in two basic categories, some parquet tiles are fully covered with a layer of finishing materials while some of them require post-installation finishing. The prefinished parquet planks are highly suitable if you want to protect your flooring surface from different types of stains and scratches.

On the other side, unfinished parquet strips are highly prone to staining and scratches. For this type of flooring pattern, you need to apply finishing material after installation. You can use UV oil, Lacquered, polyurethane, or natural oil to craft a finishing layer on these tiles.


Parquet Tiles Installation & Maintenance

Parquet Tiles Installation & Maintenance

The installation and maintenance of these wooden tiles is much easier than other hardwood or vinyl floorings. However, we recommend every homeowner to hire a professional team for the installation of parquet tiles. Because professional installation of parquet tiles always ensures high sustainability, durability, proper fixing, and longevity.

  • Avoid using nails for installing these tiles because nails can loosen over time.
  • Use good quality adhesive materials such as urethane-based materials for 100% stability.
  • You should also include an additional layer of polyethylene film on the concrete subfloor.
  • For precise cutting of parquet strips, you can use a circular saw or handsaw.
  • Always cut the tiles by placing them on the plain surface for perfect and smooth cutting.
  • For regular maintenance, use a vacuum cleaner or soft mop to remove dust particles.
  • For spot cleaning, you can utilize simple household detergents or hardwood cleaners.

Wrapping Up!

To sum up this informative article, we must say that covering floor surfaces with parquet tiles manifests multiple desirable benefits. Fixit Dubai has covered all essential parameters of parquet tile flooring in this article to give you a better approach. By analyzing our thoughts about this hardwood flooring design, you will know that this flooring not only improves floor functionality but also maintains high aesthetic value.

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