How To Cut PVC Wall Panels? A Step By Step Guide

Wall panels are the most exceptional coverings for wall styling that instantly add depth and dimension to existing decor. It is a widely popular choice for wall covering that can enhance the appearance and style even more when installed perfectly. For accurate and adept installation, you have to cut the panels to the right size. These panels come in versatile designs and materials to beautify your spaces.

If you’ve purchased PVC panels for your residential or commercial spaces and plan on DIY installation, you might need the appropriate guide for cutting these frames to size for an ideal wall fit. To accomplish this job flawlessly, we’ve prepared a brief guide for you with all the cutting steps involved.

Steps For Cutting PVC Wall Panels For Perfect Installations

PVC wall panels in Dubai Market are made by combining heavy-duty plastic and hollow core sheets. These high-strength decorative coverings require proper procedure for cutting which is explained in detail below.


Tools Required For Cutting Purpose

Gather these tools and equipment handy before you begin with the process.

  • Pencil Or Paper
  • Straight Edge Ruler
  • Tape Measure
  • Stanley Knife Or Jigsaw
  • Cutting Table/ Rigid Surface
  • Safety Gloves Or Mask


Decide On The Installation Style

Panels for walls can be installed on walls in different styles ranging from simple to decorative. Before you begin with wall panel cutting, it is essential to decide on the style for fitting. Panels can be installed on the walls side by side or at a great distance.

Additionally, you can also decide on the number of walls to be paneled. This is because you’ll need to subtract the area for windows and doors from the original wall dimensions. The panels might need to be cut from the centers because of the wirings, boards, or any obstacle.


Panels Placement On A Flat Surface

Panels Placement On A Flat Surface

Before cutting these decorative frames, prepare a clean and flat surface to lay them over. If you are laying them on a wooden floor, it can cause scratches or cracks during the cutting process, damaging the overall appearance.

To ensure the damage and hassle-free process, you must stabilize them over a sturdy or rigid surface. For this purpose, you can use any concrete surface or stone table in your home that won’t get damaged during the cutting process.


 Measure And Mark Your Panels

Measure And Mark Your Panels

For cutting your frames perfectly, measuring them following your wall dimensions is recommended. Use the tape measure to note the length and width of the panels. Use a pencil to mark out the line according to the measurement of the wall panels. For a straight and clean mark, you can use a ruler.

Ensure flipping your panel before you mark out the lines. When you draw lines for indication, make sure to mark small dots at both ends of the panels so that these lines can be attached while drawing a line with the help of a pencil and a ruler.


 Use Any Sharp Tool For Cutting

For cutting PVC wall panels, various tools can be used for this purpose. These quality tools include a miter saw, Stanley knife, predator PVC saw, or a jigsaw. Whether you want to cut these decorative frames to adjust the length or need to subtract the additional portion from the width, these tools are effective.

For these wall coverings jigsaw and sharp knife are the most recommended ones. You can simply score the knife across the width or length of your decorative frames. Score line placement over the bench to break off in a straight line is necessary. Make sure to wear safety gloves or a mask during the cutting process.


 Ensure The Precise Cut And Fit

When cutting down the panels in the length or width, make sure to keep your hand grip firm. Additionally, your non-cutting hand must be clear from the knife or saw travel so you can avoid damage. Aiming at the market lines, slowly proceed with cutting.

The frames must be cut following the right dimensions while creating an even and smooth panel to fit over the walls. Once your panels are cut to their desired size while placed on a rigid surface, with accuracy of measurements, and quality cutting using advanced tools, they will be ready to install on the walls for decoration purposes & enhanced interior benefits.

To Cover Up of How To Cut PVC Wall Panels!

Wall panels are the most widely used and stylish accessory to give your walls an elegant finish. For the ideal beautification of your walls, the decorative coverings need to be cut to fit the appropriate area dimensions. For cutting purposes, you’ll need to purchase or gather the required tools handy. After gathering tools, plan on the number of panels to be installed concerning their laying style.

For cutting, lay down the panels on a flat surface and take accurate measurements of wall dimensions. After getting size details, mark the lines over panels for indication purposes at the time of cutting. Use any sharp tool for cutting purposes according to the pre-defined lines. Make sure you grip firmly while cutting to skip flaws and damages.

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