How To Clean PVC Wall Panel? | Tips, Tricks, And Recommendations

Wall panels are the most timeless wall-styling accessory that brings instant interior enhancement to your space, creating a featured and creative design statement. These decorative PVC panels can be installed in any residential or commercial interiors because of their high versatility. Over time, these wall coverings can get dust, dirt, and grime due to daily exposure to certain environmental factors.

The regular cleanliness of these panels makes them look renewed and refreshed. These coverings are super effortless to clean with the accessibility of simple tools and materials. However, there are certain tips and recommendations for these panels to be followed that are explained in this article.

Step By Step Procedure For PVC Wall Panel Cleaning

PVC wall panels Dubai are made of hollow-core sheets and plastic materials that are bonded together under intense pressure. Although these PVC decorative coverings are waterproof you have to be mindful of certain aspects described in this guide for cleaning purposes.

List Of Tools & Materials That Are Required

You must have these tools & materials handy before you begin the process.

  • Non-abrasive Cloth
  • Sponge
  • Soapy Water
  • Cleaning Solution
  • A Bucket
  • Rough Fabric Or Sheet
  • A step Ladder


Dust Off The Surfaces

When it comes to cleaning PVC decor panels for walls for a refreshed look, the first and easiest working step is cleaning. For dusting purposes, a clean but non-abrasive or microfiber cloth can be used. These panels are exposed to daily wear and tear and, hence, get accidental spills, splashes, stains, and a lot of dust.

Take a clean cloth, use a step ladder for the upper surface of these wall frames, and dust off the settled dirt. When dusting, start from the right corner to dust and end up on the left side while working horizontally, ensuring the settled dirt falls vertically rather than lingering around. Keep dusting until dust is removed from all the curved edges and corners of these decorative panels while working down.


Go For Spot Cleaning These Frames

Go For Spot Cleaning These Frames

The next step to be followed when it comes to cleaning PVC panels for walls is spot cleaning. Over time, these wall coverings can get dirty because of daily exposure to environmental factors. The immediate cleaning of the spills and splashes enhances the lifetime and appearance of these coverings.

For spot cleaning, you can make a soapy solution in the spray bottle for on-time use. Spray the solution on the spot and see it loosening its space. area and clean the surface using a lint-free cloth. Rub the area gently until the stain or mark is removed.


Opt For Deep Cleaning Of Panels

Opt For Deep Cleaning Of Panels

Deep cleaning of these decorative covers involves the detailed cleaning of all the mold, fungus, grime, dirt, or debris. Because of polyvinyl chloride’s waterproof nature, they can be effectively cleaned using a soapy solution or any commercial cleaner.

For deep cleaning, spray the solution over the entire panel and leave it for at least 30 minutes until the solution soaks down in the panel completely. Now take your cloth and scrub the entire surface while working in a circular motion, ensuring all the marks, splashes, and stains are removed.

Effective Tips, Tricks, & Suggestions For Wall Panels

Right maintenance and care greatly enhance the life span of your decoration. When cleaning these decorative panels, it is advised to keep certain things in mind for effective interior enhancement.

  • To keep your panels look refresh for a long time, it is mandatory to dust them regularly.
  • Use light detergents that don’t contain color-fading chemicals to damage appearance.
  • Opt for non-abrasive cleaners as these panels come with finishes that can be scratched.
  • Never scrub rough pads and stiff brushes over them as it can damage their textures.
  • Immediately tackle the stains and not leave them untreated to avoid permanent stains.
  • Consistent care can make these decorative panels look good and extend their lifetime.
  • For the best choice, you can select white, wavy, puck, and 3D PVC wall covers.

Everything You Need to Know About Wall Paneling

Final Thoughts on How to clean PVC wall panel?

Wall panels are the most excellent addition to any space because of their aesthetics, affordability, versatility, and long-term serviceability. These innovative and trendy coverings feature statement walls. For the enhanced longevity of these coverings, it is essential to keep them clean and refreshed.

After gathering the required tools and materials, first, dust all the surface dirt and dust particles. Also, these panels can be cleaned using a damp cloth. For deep cleaning, you can use the soapy solution and gently rub the stubborn stains, splashes, and marks. Never use excess water and consider the material and decorative frame type to ensure less contact with water.

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