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Blackout Blinds Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Blackout Blinds

Blackout Blinds Dubai and Abu Dhabi

BLACKOUT BLINDS DUBAI: For relaxation and full peace of mind during sleep, Blackout Blinds are the best. They completely block the unwanted sunlight and they also reduce the unwanted noises to make sure that you do not get disturbed by the outside noise while you are sleeping. Our smart blackout window blinds have thermal protection to maintain your bedroom’s temperature throughout the year.
Blackout Blinds Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Available in a huge range of designs and patterns, you can install your Blackout Blinds anywhere in your home. Our Blackout Blinds are available in so many beautiful patterns, vibrant shades, and enchanting designs. From the plain black color to neon-colored room darkening blinds, we have all. you can even place an order for customized blackout shutters in any print and color. We love to accept challenging tasks. Our cordless blackout curtains are child and pet friendly.

Range of Blackout Blinds Dubai

For something different, we have a range of blackout roman blinds. Our blackout roman blinds are available in lovely designs and patterns.  Customers love our silk Blackout Blinds Dubai. We also have a great stock of blackout Venetian blinds. And blackout vertical blinds to achieve the same style with different looks.

We can also make your existing curtains blackout curtains. Choose any color to match with your interior and we will add it to the backside of your curtains to make them blackout. We have a wide range of lovely colors to choose from. Now darken up your room with style.

 Our Expert’s Opinion for Blackout Blinds Abu Dhabi

According to our experts, use Blackout Blinds especially in bedrooms and if you use them in the living room, pair them up with some sheer curtains to make a beautiful bright look.  You can turn your existing curtains into a blackout at Blinds Abu Dhabi. Blackout curtains are a nice choice especially for your guestroom. When your guest arrives they feel tired. So close the blackout curtains and make them rest peacefully.
Blackout Blinds Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Benefits of Blackout Blinds

UAE faces strong summers especially the day times so it is good to keep your curtain close. Blackout curtains are best to be installed you can comfortably sleep at day time if you have blackout curtains in your room here are some benefits of Black Blinds Dubai.

  1. They prevent the children from waking up in the early morning
  2. People who work at night need to get sleep in the day time. They should install blackout bedroom blinds to get a peaceful sleep.
  3. You can also create your home cinema with Blackout Blinds
  4. They maintain the room temperature
  5. They block the outside noise to a greater extent.
  6. They are durable as compared to other curtains

Installing and measuring the Blackout Blinds

 Installing Blackout Blinds in your home is not different than installing any other curtain. Taking measurements is also the same and very easy. First of all, decide whether you want to mount the curtains outside or inside the window because you have to measure the height accordingly. Take the exact measurements of your window to install the blinds, otherwise, the window treatment will look bad.

No matter what blind or curtain you select, the only things need to take the measurements are a pencil, a notepad, and a highlighter.  After taking the measurements, provide them to us and we will make your blind the same size. Once you receive your Blackout Blinds Dubai, install them with the installing instructions. You can even install them yourself.

Well, in case you find difficulty in taking exact measurements or installing them, no issue. contact us and we will send out team members to your place to take the measurements. We also offer installation services all across the UAE. so get yourself tension-free and avail of our products and services at very fewer rates.


Why choose us for buying Blackout Blinds Abu Dhabi?

 At Fixit Dubai, we are selling the best Blackout Blinds Dubai. We manufacture our blinds and curtains in our workshop to assure the best quality of our products. We also take orders for customized blinds. Place your order for blinds of any color, design, shape, or style, and we will make the exact one.

First of all, we make a design in soft copy then we show it to you. Once you pass the design, we then implement it on our blinds and curtains. We take this long journey for your satisfaction. Your satisfaction is our happiness.

For placing your order call us at:+971 5063 79229 or send us an email at We are ready to serve you with the best in UAE.

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