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PVC Welding Rod Dubai

Welding involves heating two pieces of metal so that they meet and form a firm joint. To do this requires a high degree of skill and technology. There are different ways to weld; some require advanced machinery and technology, including lasers, beams, etc. Welders work with metals, alloys, and materials.

PVC Welding Rod Dubai requires the use of a special torch to mix oxygen and acetylene gas to produce a small flame up to 6,300 degrees. This process is widely used for the manufacture of wrought iron doors and fences. We have experts to do this task.

Cutting gas using oxy-acetylene

Most gas torches have a lever valve that facilitates additional oxygen delivery from the torch to work that has been heated to the melting point. This shot of oxygen burns the parent metal with high force and speed, thus producing a small, narrow cut in the metal. In this way, welders can cut easily, manually, or by machine.

Plastic Welding Rods 

Good quality Plastic Welding Rods must be purchased for the result of the weld to be better. Welding rods are used to add metal to the weld. Therefore, it must match the parent metal. The plastic wire and oxyacetylene rods are mainly Norwegian steel. Choosing the right welding rod is important because it helps determine the success of a weld and the strength of a joint. If you choose the wrong stem, it can produce a mixture that is too hard or too fragile.

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