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Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring

Our Solid Wood Flooring is made of top-quality timber wood providing a great environment. It makes you feel cold in summers and warm in winters. Our solid hardwood flooring is specially chosen by the owners of commercial places like hotels, offices, luxury resorts, etc. It makes your place look classy and elegant. We have a flexible size range available for your floor treatment.

Solid Wood Flooring

Antistatic flooring Dubai

We have wood flooring available in a variety of colors, designs, and textures. Wood species differ in colors, cost, and grains. We have various wood species available for you. We have wood species that include bamboo, oak, maple, etc.

Basically, there are two wood types that are exotic and domestic. Domestic wood species are usually cheap in cost as compared to exotic wood.

Advantages of Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring never fails to look beautiful. here are some of the benefits of Solid Wood Flooring.

  • Wooden flooring makes your floor look aesthetically appealing. It offers a soft natural look. It makes your room feel warm and cozy. It adds value to your place.
  • The wooden floor is known as the long-lasting and sturdy floor treatment. Our wooden flooring is waterproof. We add polish to the flooring that makes it completely waterproof.
  • If you got a scratch on your wooden floor, then do not worry. It can easily get restored. By sanding and polishing it, we can restore the scratch and make it look like it is a brand new flooring.
  • Our wooden flooring is available in various colors, sizes, textures, and finishings. You can place your order in any finishing, and color to match it with your interior.
  • Our parquet flooring is very eco friendly. Moreover, it is super easy to clean. It is highly recommended by the homeowners.
  • Usually people it is considered that wood is the breeding ground for insects, bacterias, molds, etc. but let us tell you, our wood flooring is totally anti-allergic. We cover it with a strong coating that prevents the molds and bacterias to grow there. It also gets cleaned very easily.

Why choose us?

FixitDubai is known for making the best Solid Wood Flooring in UAE. we make the best quality flooring that tends to live longer than usual wooden floorings. Whether you are from any corner of UAE, we will deliver your flooring to your home. We can also install the flooring at very low rates. Place your order now to get exciting discounts.

For any questions or placing your order, call us at : +971 5063 79229 or send us an email at: We feelpleasure in serving our valueable clients

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