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To make your seating more comfortable and interior-defining, modern sofa beds are a contemporary solution. Fixit Dubai provides you with a complete range of durable and customized sofa beds at affordable rates in Dubai & nearby cities.


How To Choose Sofa Beds For More Comfort & Functionality?

How To Choose Sofa Beds For More Comfort & Functionality

If you’re exploring the best sofa bed in UAE, Fixit Dubai provides a broad range of options for sofa-type beds. For a perfect sofa cum bed, you should consider different aspects like frame and upholstery material, size, colour, pattern, padding material, and thickness.

Sofa Frame Materials

For crafting a sofa frame, a huge variety of materials are available such as softwoods (cedar, pine, hemlock, redwood ), hardwoods (Oak, maple, ash, cherry, walnut, mahogany, etc.), and engineered woods (MDF). Moreover, If you want to go for the metallic frame, aluminium and steel are the best options.

Upholstery Materials

After choosing the sofa frame material, the next element is to choose an upholstery material that can reflect your interior style, theme, and color contrast. Different types of natural and synthetic fabric materials can be used for upholstery such as cotton, linen, velvet, chenille, sunbrella, wool, tweed, silk, acrylic, polyester, and microfiber. Leather is another durable option.

Colour And Patterns

When choosing an appropriate sofa bed Dubai, colour and patterns play an important role. A galaxy of neutral (beige, grey, white) and solid colors (black, red, orange, blue, green, black) is available to select for the sofa. For a perfect color contrast, you can also consider your ceiling, walls, and flooring material color.

Padding Material And Thickness

To get maximum comfort and durability, high-quality and thick padding material is recommendable. An extensive list of padding materials is available with variable thickness and density. Sofa cum beds can be crafted with foam, dacron, feather, and spring coils. You can also add cushions of different designs and shapes to enhance padding comfort.

Size And Additional Features

Another important factor to consider is sofa size, it is directly affected by your room layout and design. You can choose any sofa size per your space and theme requirements such as a corner, single, three-seater, or 2 seater sofa bed. Moreover, you can also opt for some additional features like storage and adjustable backrests or armrests.


Unique Benefits Of Our Modern & Bespoke Sofa Beds

Unique Benefits Of Our Modern & Bespoke Sofa Beds
  • Space Optimizing Feature
  • Provide Bed-like Comfort
  • Easy Move With Unfolding
  • Customized Storage Options
  • Offer Maximum Durability
  • Made-To-Measure Options
  • Budget-friendly Pricing
  • Easy Guest Accommodation
  • Easy Maintenance & Cleaning

Space Optimizing Feature

  • The innovative design of our sofas can optimize your space with foldable options, making it an ideal choice for compact living areas where maximizing room functionality is prominent.
  • Our foldable sofas effortlessly convert into a space-saving sleeping solution, ensuring your living space remains versatile and elegant.

Provide Bed Like Comfort

  • The sofa is manufactured with an ergonomic design and a premium-quality mattress. Compared to a traditional bed, It provides comfort and a restful night’s sleep.
  • This sofa type boosts a supportive mattress by balancing style and comfort seamlessly ensuring your guests experience a luxurious and inviting sleep environment.

Easy Move With Unfolding

  • This convertible sofa provides a user-friendly folding mechanism by allowing swift and hassle-free conversion from sofa to bed, ensuring ease of use for all.
  • With its unique design, this sofa effortlessly unfolds and moves, offering a seamless transition between day and night, making it a practical and user-friendly furniture choice.

Customized Storage Options:

  • Considering both form and functionality, this sofa couch includes smart storage solutions, allowing you to hide/store blankets, pillows, or other essentials, keeping your living space organized.
  • Enhancing its utility, this sofa cum bed features built-in storage compartments, providing a practical and stylish solution for keeping your living area clutter-free.

Durable Sofa Materials

  • Built with a robust frame and high-quality materials, this sofa-type bed ensures maximum durability, promising longevity and resilience to withstand everyday use.
  • With a focus on durability, this furniture item incorporates premium construction, guaranteeing a sturdy and enduring piece of furniture that stands the test of time.

Made-To-Measure Options

  • This bed-type sofa offers a range of customizable options, including various fabrics, colors, and designs, allowing you to tailor it to seamlessly complement your decor.
  • For elevating your interior aesthetics, this sofa provides a personalized touch with a diverse selection of finishes, ensuring it harmonizes effortlessly with your unique taste and home decor.

Easy Guest Accommodation

  • Tailored for hosting guests, this sofa-type bed’s thoughtfully designed sleeping surface provides a welcoming and comfortable space for overnight stays, ensuring a pleasant experience for visitors.
  • By recognizing the importance of guest comfort, this sofa prioritizes accommodation, offering a practical and inviting sleeping solution that makes hosting friends and family a breeze.

Easy Maintenance & Cleaning 

  • This sofa bed Dubai is crafted with materials that are easy to clean, ensuring quick maintenance and prolonged aesthetic appeal with minimal effort.
  • Designed for convenience, this sofa prioritizes easy maintenance, allowing you to keep your furniture looking inviting with simple cleaning routines.


Versatile Types Of Our Modern Sofa Bed Dubai

Versatile Types Of Our Modern Sofa Beds
  • Pull-Out Sofa Bed

This is one of the most common types. It typically features a mattress folded or rolled up within the sofa’s frame. To convert it into a bed, you pull the mattress out, unfolding it for sleeping.

  • Futon Bed Sofa

This bed-type sofa comes with a bed convertible option by lowering the backrest. This modern sofa type is crafted in variable colors and materials.

  • Daybed

It looks like a sofa but is designed for sleeping, often featuring a twin mattress and back and side bolsters. A daybed sofa enhances the functioning of your seating area during daily work.

  • Click-Clack Sofa

This type of sofa has a backrest that can be adjusted to different reclining positions, and it can be laid flat to convert into a bed. The mechanism produces a clicking sound, hence the name.

  • Convertible Sectional Sofa

A sectional sofa that can be rearranged to create a sleeping area. Some designs feature a chaise or ottoman that can be moved to extend the sleeping space.

  • Trundle Bed Sofa

Similar to a trundle bed, this sofa also has a hidden mattress beneath the seating area. To convert it into a bed, you pull out the trundle, which is usually on wheels.

  • Loveseat Sofa Bed

It is designed for smaller spaces, a loveseat sofa typically accommodates two people when converted into a bed. It is also a space-saving option for your congested areas.

  • L-Shaped Bed Sofa

This type of sofa combines the functionality of a sleeper sofa with an L-shaped sectional design. It provides ample seating and a larger sleeping area.

  • Bunk Bed Sofa

This type is highly suitable for places where maximizing vertical space is essential, a bunk bed sofa is designed with a sofa on the lower level and a bed on the upper level.

  • Modular Bed Sofa 

This sofa comprises individual pieces that can be rearranged, and it allows for flexibility in creating various seating and sleeping arrangements.

  • Wall Bed Sofa

Also known as a Murphy bed or wall bed, this design allows a bed to be folded up into a wall-mounted cabinet, concealing it when not in use. Some models include a sofa that can be pulled down when the bed is stowed.

Why Fixit Dubai For Perfect Sofa Beds?

If you’re looking for the best sofa bed shop near meFixit Dubai is a top-notch furniture brand that provides cheap sofa beds in Dubai and nearby cities. We provide a huge collection of modern and durable sofa sets that ensure maximum comfort and longevity. For a perfect seating solution, our team ensures the maximum customization in bed sofa frame and upholstery materials, sizes, colors, patterns, padding materials, and additional features. We have also unlocked a broad spectrum of benefits that you will get with this modern sofa design. By reading this guide, you will be able to choose a perfect and multifunctional sofa bed Dubai for your living room.

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