How to Protect Your Grass Carpet During Large Events?

Artificial Grass is the best alternative to natural grass to naturally elevate your place’s interior theme. But protecting your grass-like carpets during large-scale events is no less than an impossible approach. But, in this comprehensive guide, Fixit Dubai aimed to manifest effective guides for the protection of grass carpets during large-scale events for maximum feasibility.

Grass Carpet Protection During Large Events | An Exclusive Guide

For hosting large-scale events, one of the things to manage is the massive ground or floor maintenance. If the ground or floor is covered with artificial grass, it requires extra effort and care. For the protection and care of artificial green carpets during big events, we have enlisted some effective tips. By following these tips, you can protect your valuable lawn investment and its original glance.

  • Clean Grass Surface
  • Protect From Staining
  • Avoid Using Heavy Accessories
  • Restrict Foot Traffic
  • Use Lightweight Seatings
  • Use Of Mats At Entrances
  • Post-event Maintenance


Grass Carpet Surface Cleaning

Grass carpet surface cleaning

Before inviting your precious guests, it must be ensured that your lawn’s artificial grass is entirely cleaned and free from leaves, papers, dirt, and debris. To properly clean the floor surface, swipe it with water and brush or broom. By cleaning the lawn grass, you can protect your guests from slipping and falling. Moreover, you can also enhance the appearance of your green lawn with this tiny effort. Never rub harshly while cleaning your grass-like carpets to avoid fibre loss.


Protect Your Grass From Stains

Protect grass carpet from stains

During big gatherings, beverages are always kept in bulk for refreshment. So, there are more chances of splashing or spilling drinks of multiple colors and densities. In addition, while serving and eating food, dropping plates and food ingredients can lead to stubborn staining. These sticky food ingredients can transform the shine and natural look into a blurry and slippery floor. To protect grass from staining, use heavy-duty carpets and mats on the grass portion & also define a dining area.


Restrict The Foot Traffic To Appropriate Path

Restrict The Foot Traffic

In large events and functions, the hosts usually don’t think about making designated tracks or paths. While arranging a big event, always consider an appropriate path or track for high foot traffic. Moreover, you can define this path with specific hard flooring or can install floor rugs for area defining purposes. The use of carpets/ any flooring on designated paths can also restrict the free movement of people on the fragile grass floor.


Choose Lightweight Seating Options

Choose Lightweight Seating Options

Another salient factor to consider is the use of lightweight seating chairs and tables for guests. Because the sharp feet of heavyweight chairs and tables can damage the rigidness of green carpet turfs. The sharp feet of these heavy seatings can also be sunk into the grassroots. To prevent all these situations, you should use non-sinking and comfortable chairs and tables for big events. However, you can also use blunt pads to fix below the chairs and table feet.


Place Rugs Or Mats At Entrances

Place Rugs Or Mats At Entrances

To prevent your grass floor, we are going to put thoughts about another most important matter. Sometimes due to poor weather conditions or muddy areas, the shoe’s bottom surfaces are covered with mud and greasy ingredients. These dirty shoes bring a flood of mud and dirt with them that can make grass surfaces more slippery and nasty. You should place heavy-duty rugs or mats at the entrances to swipe the muddy shoes. These textured mats will grab the mud and dust from guests’ shoes before they enter the grass lawn.


After Event Care & Maintenance

After Event Care & Maintenance

At the end of the event, if you find any stains on the carpet, use high-quality mild detergent and lukewarm water to treat them. In addition, if these stains are stubborn, use a 5% vinegar solution to unfasten the colourful stains. Try to remove all the dust, wrappers, litter, and leaves with the help of a soft brush. However, if you need a professional service for cleaning and maintenance of grass carpets in Dubai at affordable rates, you can hire an expert team from Fixit Dubai.


Results Of Our Paramount Tips

  • Non-slippery grass area
  • Stains-free grass turfs
  • Lush green & natural look
  • Dust and mud-free surface

Final Thoughts Of Protect Your Grass Carpet During Large Events

It is summed up with final thoughts that artificial grass carpet requires a little bit more care and cleaning due to its fragile nature. When you’re going to organize a large function or event on this unique carpeting, you should consider some factors for its maintenance and protection. We have enlisted some effective tips to prevent your grass floor carpet from severe damage from high-foot traffic.

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