How To Choose The Right Wall Panel Trims For Your Home?

Wall trim or molding is a functional or decorative element that adds unique texture and pattern to your walls. To improve the aesthetics of home walls, plain or curved panel trims give a luxurious and sophisticated wall ambiance. These trims have a wide range of styling options to decorate your living areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens.

In this article, Fixit Dubai has demonstrated a complete guide on how to choose the right wall panel trims for your home. By focusing on this incredible guide, you can get a valuable approach to choosing an appropriate wall panel trim.

Choose The Right Wall Panel Trims | 5 Practical Points

Wall panel trims are usually crafted with a wide range of materials such as MDF, PVC, polyurethane, wood, and, plastic. Besides material, these trims are also designed with variable styles, sizes, and colors. These trims are also utilized to cover the extra spaces and joints that appear on wall surfaces, around the doors, and windows. We have discussed some factors that must be considered before choosing the right wall panel trims for your wall area.


The Right Material To Choose For Panel Trims

Before choosing the right wall trim, you should know the basic materials, their cost, and necessary features. If you want to explore cost-effective options, you should select the MDF or PVC-made trims. However, the trims that are manufactured with natural wood exhibit more durability and long-lasting results. If you want to use the trims for wet places, you should use the polyurethane-made trims because these ensure exceptional durability and water resistance.


Select The Right Style For Wall trims

The Right Style For Wall trims

Wall trims are designed with multiple styles such as baseboard trims, crown trims, door or window trims, and chair rail trims. Always opt for a trim style that can complement your interior design and appearance.

  • Baseboard Trims

This type of trim is most popular in wall paneling due to its multiple customized options. The baseboard trims are utilized to hide the imperfections and spaces between floor and wall surfaces. These baseboards can also be fixed along with a quarter-round strip to enhance the texture and surface area. These trims are mostly designed in 4-6 inches for homes, choose a perfect-sized trim to attach at the bottom side.

  • Crown Trims

As the name mentioned, these types of trims are installed at the upper wall surfaces to hide the imperfections and spaces between ceiling and wall. The crown panel trims are also fixed on the upper side of the kitchen and room cabinets to enhance the outlook. These wall-to-ceiling trims are also worthwhile in hiding the dents, plasterwork, and rough corners between ceiling and wall areas.

  • Window Or Door Trims

These trims are fixed around the rough edges of windows and doors with long strips. These trims are available in both plain and curved designs to upgrade the window or door ambiance. These trims are attached along the periphery of the door, window, or any other entrance to give a more finished look.

  • Chair Rail Trims

These unique panel trims are fixed on the wall at some height to protect the surface from dents or spots created by chairs sliding. Besides protection, the rail trims also add an exclusive decorative appearance to your wall surface. You can also make its attachment bold and more visible by coloring both the upper and lower wall surfaces with two different colors.


Select The Right Sized Wall Trims

Right Sized Wall Trims

Trims are manufactured in a variety of sizes with variable lengths and widths. Always choose an appropriate length and width for trims that should be compatible with your wall panels. Measure the length and width of wall panels and then cut them to get a precise idea about trims size. You can also check the perfect size by placing the trim on the desired surface area on the wall.


Select The Right Colored Wall Trims

Right Colored Wall Trims

To choose an appropriate colored wall trim, you should analyze the color contrast of your ceiling, floor, and walls. Choose a complementary color that can improve the aesthetics of your home interior with eye-catching color contrast. The trims are available in a wide range of solid or neutral colors to choose any personalized and theme-oriented option.


Choose Wet Glue Trim

Choose Wet Glue Trim

For attachment, trims are available with two different options– adhesive tape and wet glue. If you’re going to use the panel trims for walls of damp or moist areas such as the kitchen or bathroom, always use trim with wet glue. The wet glue method doesn’t require any plain or flat surface for attachment, you can fix it on any surface. Moreover, the dried glue blocks the moisture content to penetrate and resists the growth of mold and fungus.

Final Thoughts!

It is concluded with a well-defined remark that choosing the right wall panel trim for a home requires technical knowledge about dimensional measurements, material options, color contrast, and adhesiveness. Fixit Dubai has highlighted some practical aspects of trims that must be considered if you’re going to choose the right panel trim.

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