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Flooring Nosing Dubai

The durability and safe use of Stair Nosing has always been of concern to architects and builders. We are very conscious of this. The Flooring Nosing Dubai has existed since the beginning of the 20th century.

There is no doubt that you will notice various steps in several old buildings with stairs covered with stone, ceramic, marble, or parquet.

Walking Stair Nosing in Dubai on the steps of ceramic, marble, or wooden steps in contemporary buildings, particularly in public buildings such as shopping malls, schools, and government institutions, are subject to heavy pedestrian traffic.

Installed on the edge of ceramic Flooring Nosing or the like, the aluminum step nosing is designed to protect the edge of the stone, marble, or ceramic tile from stairs by preventing cuts and cuts. The use of stairs is protected because steps can become dangerous, especially when they are wet or worn.

Many accidents happen on the stairs when attention is not given. Many of these accidents can result in serious injury.

Currently, several models of aluminum stair nosing are suggested for the protection and safe use of concrete, ceramic, marble, stone, or wood staircases.

We have Durable and incorporated ribbed PVC strips available in a variety of colors (black, gray, brown, or cream) to ensure perfect compatibility with ceramic tile coloring and provide improved slip resistance.

The Flooring nosing Dubai not only gives an unpleasant appearance but in addition, the secure use of stairs is endangered. As a result, this form of anti-slip stair nosing is an ideal choice for improving and renovating existing stairs in poor condition and in need of repair. 

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