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Curtains are artistic windows covering with a galaxy of colors and designs. To glorify your windows, Fixit Dubai has a broad collection of traditional and contemporary window covers.

Get the Best Window Treatments With Our Stylish And Durable Curtains

If you’re exploring the best curtains shop near me in Abu Dhabi, Fixit Dubai is a well-known brand that is obliged to offer highly functional window treatments. Our window coverings are fabricated with a wide range of fabrics such as velvet, cotton, linen, silk, wool, brocade, and lace. To make your window ambiance modern and personalized, we use different curtain linings, layering, and header style options. Blackout, sheer, thermal, decorative, and interlining are the most popular curtain linings to choose from for unique and versatile effects.

If you’re looking for different length options, apron-length, full-length, and puddle-length curtains can be used. We also craft unique combinations by layering blackout curtains with sheer curtains. For complete automation, we also provide motorized window covers for your commercial and residential places.


Ten Outstanding Benefits Of Our Window Curtains

Benefits Of Our Modern Window Curtains
  • Decorative Element
  • Optimized Privacy
  • Light Control
  • Noise Reduction
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Ultraviolet Protection
  • Unique Versatility
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Personalized Comfort
  •  Security


What Fabric Options Are Available For Window Styling?

Curtains Fabrics

We have a broad collection of fabrics to craft our high-quality curtains. For choosing the perfect fabric material for window covering, you can consider some important factors such as fabric quality, decency, the primary purpose of curtains, weight, opacity, density, and budget.

Cotton Curtains

Our cotton fabrics offer unparalleled comfort with their soft, breathable qualities, transforming any space into a cozy haven. You can choose these versatile curtains for timeless style and easy maintenance, ensuring lasting beauty for your place.

Silk Curtains

If you want to get a touch of sophistication and glamour to your home decor, our silk curtains are popular due to their smooth and lustrous texture. These window covers enhance indoor natural light, as the fabric’s sheen gently reflects sunlight.

Velvet Curtains

To enjoy premium light-blocking capabilities, maximum privacy, and a luxurious, cinematic ambiance in your home, hang our velvet curtains. These high-quality fabric curtains bring a sense of warmth and timeless aesthetics to your interior.

Brocade Curtains

Our brocade curtains effortlessly complement both traditional and contemporary interiors due to their rich history and versatility, making them a timeless and stylish window treatment. These durable and textured covers allow more light control options.

Lace Curtains

Our lightweight lace fabric window coverings effortlessly complement various decor styles due to intricate patterns, offering a versatile and refined window dressing. The delicacy and translucency of these curtains allow a soft, diffused light to enter while providing a touch of privacy

Wool Curtains

Our durable and long-lasting wool curtains provide natural insulation with a luxurious texture. These window coverings create a cozy and energy-efficient solution for colder seasons. For maximum sound dampening in space, our wool curtains are an excellent choice.

Polyester Curtains

These curtains are crafted in multiple colors and patterns and offer versatile options to suit various decor themes. These are low-maintenance and resistant to wrinkles, making them a practical choice for busy lifestyles, while their smooth texture adds a sleek and modern touch.


Versatile Heading Styles For Our Luxurious Window Curtains

Versatile Heading Styles For Our Luxurious Window Curtains

Curtains heading style is the most important factor to consider for adding an interior-defining touch to your place’s interior. We provide window treatments with multiple heading styles such as double pleat, single pleat, pencil pleat, pinch pleat, french pleat, goblet, eyelet, and tab top to add your dream window styling.

  • Double Pleat

Because of their header styling, they are also called double pinch pleat curtains. They are designed to create two folds at the border portion. This header styling is the best option for sleek window treatment, as it requires less curtain area in its foldings.

  • Single Pleat

This header style is also complemented by other pinch pleat styles but has a single fold or pinch at the curtain’s header top. If you’re going to cover your window in a simplistic way, single-pleated window covers are an excellent choice.

  • Pencil Pleat

In this unique header styling, curtains have very condensed semi-cylindrical foldings at the header top to give a pencil-like look. These curtains can be hung with a rod or pole. For a graceful interior touch, this header style is a perfect choice for your window hangings.

  • French Pleat

This traditional header style is the best choice for hanging our lightweight curtains in your dining areas, kitchens, and living rooms. In this header styling, evenly spaced foldings are made to create one decent pleat at the top.

  • Goblet Style

This unique header style is somewhat similar to a pinch pleat but folds are open from the header top just like a wineglass and goblet shape. For restaurant and hotel window treatments, our goblet curtains are a trendy choice.

  • Eyelet Style

As the name indicates, curtains have metal rings or eyelets to pass through the rod. This heading style is most popular for window curtains. Eyelet window covers are highly suitable for hanging on rods and poles.

  • Tab top

Our Tab-top window coverings are popular for their simplicity and ease of installation. The tabs allow the covers to easily pass through the curtain rod without the need for additional hardware, such as rings or hooks.


We Provide Curtains With Unique Lining Options To Get Desirable Effects 

We Provide Curtains With Unique Lining Options To Get Desirable Effects

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are available in a variety of fabric materials such as polyester, cotton, microfiber, velvet, and acrylic. These curtains are highly beneficial for noise reduction, room darkening, temperature regulation, and insulation. You can beautify your living rooms, bedrooms, kids’ rooms, kitchens, offices, conference rooms, theaters, hospitals, and schools with these high-quality blackout curtains in Abu Dhabi.

Thermal Curtains

These multi-functional curtains are highly useful for regulating the interior temperature. Velvet, silk, chenille, polyester, cotton, and wool are highly recommended fabrics to get a thermal window effect. Basically, these curtains are crafted with three blended pile layers to regulate temperature effectively.

Sheer Curtains

If you want to brighten your indoors, our sheer curtains provide you with maximum light filtration. For up-to-the-mark ventilation, these covers also allow the air to pass through their porous. We craft these curtains with chiffon, cotton, net, linen, or organza fabrics for complete sheer effect.


Make Automation In Windows With Our Highly Innovative Curtains

Make Automation In Windows With Our Highly Innovative Curtains

Other than traditional covers, we also provide complete automation options for your window covering. Our curtains with unique hi-tech control systems enable your window to work smoothly and automatically. We have a broad range of options to operate these curtains such as battery-powered, hardwires-powered, solar-powered, and plug-in transformers.

They can be controlled via remotes, smartphone applications, home integration, or voice. These curtains also play a significant role in temperature regulation by maintaining the heating or cooling of the room and can be introduced in residential as well as commercial areas.

Why Fixit Dubai For the Best Window Covering Options?

Being a top curtains brand, we provide a huge collection of premium quality fabric choices for reasonable window curtains in Abu Dhabi. For a perfect window treatment, our team ensures the maximum customization in curtain fabrics, sizes, heading styles, and lining effects. To make your window automated and modern, we offer highly innovative motorized curtains with multiple power supply options. By reading this article, you will be able to analyze different fabrics features, styles, and functionalities of window treatments and can style your place per your requirements.

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