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Curtain Rods

Curtain Rods

Buy Best Curtain Rods In UAE

Curtain rods are used to hold or suspend curtains. As we know, curtains are used for decorating your home and to give a new look to your space but now it is becoming a fashion trend. Usually, people use curtains above windows and wherever they might be used.
Curtains play a very important part in beautifying your house. But have you ever noticed that without Curtains Rods you can’t hang your curtains? Basically, a curtain rod is an essential element of curtains. You can’t use your curtains until and unless you don’t use curtains rod.

As I told you above that curtains are now becoming a fashion trend, so curtains rods are also. In markets, you will find various beautiful curtain rods for holding curtains. In fact, they are not only beautiful and elegant decoration pieces even they are more functional and intelligently designed for various curtains. Means different kinds of rods are designed for different types of curtains.

Curtains Rod Dubai is very famous for its design and quality. Curtains rods are not only simple and straight now one can find various shaped rods. They can be made up of various materials like plastic, metal, wood and etc. Different high-end firms and organizations are offering extraordinary and remarkably designed curtains rods and the quality is also up to the mark but yes, the prices vary as the latest and modern curtains rods are a little more expensive than a simple straight pole.

Curtain rods or you can say curtains pole, curtain rail, or transverse rod these are basically the different names of curtain rod but their functionality is the same. In bathroom areas, people usually use self-fixing and telescopic rods while in the other areas of their houses, they use rods that are affixed with some decorative and beautifully designed finial or brackets, etc.

Types of Curtains Rods

Shift gears and take a look at different types of curtains rods. Here I’m listing four different curtains rods that are most-in-demanding curtains rods.

Single Curtain Rods

The very simple and commonly used types of rods are single rods. They basically used to suspend medium, thin and lightweight curtains.
You’ll find single rod curtains usually at the top or above your window. In order to stay in place, these curtains are threaded with rings (curtain rings) of your drapers.

Double Curtain Rods

Double curtain rods are very similar to single curtains rods but they come as a set of two rods. For a more enhanced and dramatic look, people usually use double curtains rods. These types of curtains rod Dubai are most-in-demand and popular than single rod curtains. A double curtain rod tends to hold more than one layer of curtain or drapery panel. In double rod curtains, the rod is slightly shorter than the front rod.

Tension Curtain Rods

Places where you cannot drill any holes these types of curtains rods are specially made for those places. Tension curtains rods are more unique than above-mentioned types of curtains rod Dubai because it leaves no damage on your surface and very easy to install. To accommodate light and medium weight curtains or drapery panels these tension curtain rods are a perfect solution.

Curtain Holdbacks

These curtains have a significant impact on your home. To provide a modern finishing touch to your space these curtains rods are the perfect solution because they required no assembly. They are very quick and easy to use. Usually, the rods have a diameter of around 4 inches and they usually come up as a set of two. You can find matching curtains rings with your curtains to enhance their beauty and give them a more modern look.

Benefits of Curtains Rod:

Take a look at the brief discussion about the benefits of curtains rods. Maybe you never noticed their importance in your daily life before but now you will. Thank me later 🙂

  • Curtain rods enhance the look and beauty of your curtains and room.
  • They are very helpful in order to stay your curtain in place.
  • These rods give you complete access to your curtain.
  • Curtains rod Dubai comes in various designs and styles, so it also works as a decorative solution.
  • They play a vital role in moving curtains well and to hang them properly.

Why Did You Choose Us?

You are now fully aware of curtains rods and their specialties, functionalities, and benefits. Fine! That’s good. Now the question arises, which brand is most suitable and convenient for your home needs?

Obviously, it is clear that you will choose the brand that understands your home needs, pace’s specifications, and your location complexities.

The Fix it Dubai is a high-end firm that delivers a quality fabric of curtains, curtains rods, and extraordinarily made curtains rods to their clients in Dubai.

I’m introducing you to such a brand that completely understands your home needs, your budget schemes, and put your preferences very first. Yes! I’m talking about Fix it Dubai!

1- We redesign your curtains rod and utilize your curtains effectively on the latest norms.

2- A refined quality of curtains and good taste of curtains rod reflects from our products.

3- Our professionals always strive to deliver a quality service that matches and meets our client’s preferences and brief.

4- We optimize the potential of the client’s curtains properly and accurately with our amazing and uniquely designed curtains rods.

Shift gears and let’s talk about some frequently asked questions.

Where to buy curtains rods in Dubai?

In Dubai, many companies are providing extraordinary services regarding curtain rods, like Ikea curtain rods but to find a complete solution to your problem Fix it Dubai is a perfect answer.

Which curtain rod is best?

It depends on your curtains design and your preference. Most typically, people use double curtain Rods to enhance curtains’ beauty.

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