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Are you looking to buy custom made rugs Dubai?. Fix it Dubai is the perfect place to search for the customized rugs Dubai. Fix it Dubai has the varieties of custom made rugs such as shaggy rugs, sisal rugs, and cowhide rugs.

Along with these many customized rugs Dubai, we are also famous for the Persian rugs, handmade rugs, machine made rugs, Slims, patchwork rugs, custom made rugs, hand-tufted rugs, and many more.

Buy high-quality custom made rugs from our online store at You can estimate from the image catalog of custom made rugs and see how they use of tradition made rugs can convert the looks of your interiors.
Best quality
Always look for the best quality of customized rugs Dubai products only at Fix it Dubai. We provide 100% customer fulfillment. Custom made rugs from are generated with anti-fire covering. Keeping maintain them is very easy and takes little effort. We have broad diversities of Kim rugs here.
We also deliver you with doorstep shipping services. Our team of experts is highly skilled and will guide you and suggest you for the best pick for your flooring. Our admin will show you with on-site demo without any duty charges. 

Before purchasing your custom rug, you should consider a few elements: shape, style, size, and colors.


While most people choose classic shapes, rectangular or square shapes mostly, others prefer to dare to choose round or unconventional ways, like leaf shape, for example.


Think carefully before you choose a rug: space where you are going to place it, or the existing furniture and furnishing accessories, contribute to determining a particular style. The carpet must be combined with the room style, without contrasting it.


We suggest you measure your rooms very carefully before purchasing your rugs because customized rugs Dubai size is a very crucial matter. It is essential to know where you want to place your mats, considering all the other elements of the decor.


Color matching should be very accurate; two key factors must guide your choice:

Existing shades: furniture, floor, curtains.

The feelings and sensations evoked by the colors of your rug. So, design your interior with the best carpets from custom made rugs manufacturer.

Rugs can change your color theme with variations. Carpets are the most versatile flooring option that you can have simply by swapping between the two mats. You can easily create a change in a room. Rugs with its heavy-duty material and fine texture protect your floor from spills stains and scuffs.

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Fix it Dubai is the best place to buy rugs in UAE. We have a proper and most diverse range of products with competent services. The Fix it Dubai installation process is very organized and hassle-free. We give value to your money and make your shopping experience pleasant. For Fixit Dubai, their customer’s satisfaction comes first. There are honored as the best rugs supplier in Dubai due to their product, services. You can contact us by clicking our website,


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