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Vertical Blinds mechanisms are the cased gear enclosures mounted within the head rail. That operate the rotation of the slats, or vanes, by the twisting of a wand or the propulsion of cords. Fix My Blinds carries til for horizontal and vertical blinds. Please follow the directions on our Roman Mechanism shopping for Guide to search out the proper til
Take the wires at rock bottom of the new cord tilt mechanism. Push them through the til hole within the bottom of the head rail. We are The Best & Cheap Roller Blinds mechanisms Dubai Supplier
Pull the lean cords all the approach through the outlet therefore the tilt mechanism rests within the head rail.
To attach the wire tassels, take the tip of every wire and thread it through the adornment. Tie a knot at the tip of every wire to stay the tassels secure.
Follow steps 3-5 on top of, and you’re done!

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