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Fixit Dubai offers endless varieties of modern yet scratch and stain-resistant wallpapers to define your bedroom style and ambiance.

We Offer Unique Wallpaper Patterns For Bedroom

Are you exploring durable and stylish bedroom wallpaper Dubai? We offer versatile wall covering options for elegant bedroom wall design. You can explore our brick, vinyl, vintage, non-woven, patterned, foil, metallic, floral, animal-print, solid-coloured, and glow-in-dark wallpapers for bedroom walls. Our wall coverings add a touch of glamour and sensation to your walls with their mind-blowing patterns.

Exhibiting Our Unique Wall Coverings For Bedroom

Bedroom Metallic Wall Covering

Metallic Wall Covering

Linen Sheets For Bedroom Walls

Linen Sheets Wallpaper

Vinyl Wall Coverings For Bedroom

Vinyl Wall Coverings

Bedroom Foil-Made Wallpapers

Foil-Made Wallpapers

We Offer Maximum Customization Options For Bedroom Wallpapers

Being the #1 wallpaper supplier, we present you with full wallpaper customization so you can style your bedroom decor per your preferences. You can choose our wall coverings in any tailor-made material, size, pattern, texture, and colour. Our durable wall coverings are designed with PVC, Vinyl, Paper, Polyester, Cork, Latex, Foil, Bamboo, or Fiberglass.

In addition, you can explore our list of timeless patterns including Vintage, Tree styled, Zig Zag, HD, Brick, Glow in Dark, Flock, Glass Bead, Animated, Floral, Lining, Embossed, and Geometric patterns. For colour contrast, we can design bedroom wallpapers in Dubai with any solid or neutral colour.

Modern wallpapers for bedroom
Bedroom Wallpaper

Prominent Benefits Of Our Bedroom Wall Coverings

Bedroom wall styling is getting trendy but why do you select our wallpapers for aesthetic and functional measures? This is the question that our maximum customers ask us. Highlighting the benefits of our bedroom wallpapers Dubai is necessary to cover this aspect, read below.

  • We fabricate our wallpapers with non-toxic materials to prevent the emission of VOCs.
  • Our wallpapers require very low maintenance due to stain, scratch, and dust resistance.
  • To prevent color fading, we use heat and UV-resistant materials for their crafting.
  • These waterproof wall sheets also prevent the development of mold or mildew.
  • Our wallpapers are crafted with novel techniques to give your wall a finished look.

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Hire Us For Flawless Bedroom Wallpaper Installation Services

Approach our team online for flawless fixing of wallpapers in the bedroom at a very low cost. Our experienced team ensures the bubble-free fixing of wall coverings to craft a decent look. For cost-effective wall treatment, you may approach our dedicated team.

Precise Wall Preparation To Remove Dents, Gaps, & Other Imperfections.

By using cutting-edge techniques, our efficient team removes old wallpapers.

We take precise wall measurements for the perfect fitting of papers on the wall.

We double-check the wallpaper finish so it can complement your bedroom decor.

Red color wallpaper designs for bedroom

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Bedroom Wallpaper

Craft A Subtle Bedroom Wall With Our Stylish Wallpapers

To decorate the walls of boys’, girls’, or kids’ bedrooms, we have a unique collection of cool, fancy, and cartoon-printed wallpapers. For kid’s bedroom walls, we design our durable, stain-resistant, and washable wall sheets with cartoons, stars, galaxies, sports, animated, and geometrical patterns. In addition, we also design the girl’s bedroom walls with fancy and warm-colored botanical or floral papers. However, our team also inquired about the age of the kids to choose any suitable pattern and color for their bedroom wall styling.

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Bedroom Wallpaper
Bedroom Wallpaper Dubai

Why Choose Us For Bedroom Wallpaper Dubai?

Fixit Dubai is the most trustworthy supplier of bedroom wallpapers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We aim to provide durable quality wall coverings that ensure scratch, dust, and stain resistance. Our experts ensure precise customization for the bespoke bedroom wall treatment.

Get a Professional Maintenance Guide Free Of Cost.

We offer efficient services for subtle wall treatment.

Sustainable material to enhance longevity & durability.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

Or you can call us on  +971 5063 79229

Yes, of course, it is a good idea to put wallpapers in the bedroom. Our scratch, stain, and water-resistant wallpapers require very low maintenance and cleaning efforts. They also add endless depth and texture to your walls.

The selection of wallpaper color for bedroom walls usually depends upon your theme, style, and personal desire. However, light neutral colors are highly preferred for bedroom walls such as white, beige, cream, or grey.

The lifespan of wallpaper in a bedroom usually depends upon multiple factors such as material quality, installation technique, cleaning routine, and traffic. However, our heavy-duty wallpapers ensure 10-15 years of lifespan.

Before choosing a wallpaper for your bedroom, you should consider multiple aspects such as bedroom theme, color palette, pattern, and texture of flooring and ceiling. You should also consider the size of the bedroom for the appropriate option.

For paper covering, always choose a wall that has a prominent view when you walk into the room. Always choose the front wall or bed backside wall to enhance the outlook of the wallpaper. You can also get a unique guide from our experts.

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