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Anti static vinyl flooring in dubai

The Astonishing Antistatic Vinyl Flooring

Are you looking for Antistatic Vinyl Flooring of the best quality? You are at the right place. Fixit Dubai is going to take all of your headaches and provide you with the best quality flooring treatment.

Many businesses choose a Vinyl Flooring solution to prevent electrostatic discharge in any static environment. They commonly use it for industrial static control as many items are sensitive there, that’s why prevention methods are vital to use there. An antistatic floor is used to make sure that the products and people are in a safe environment.

An electrostatic discharge can create a damaging effect on the highly expensive electrical component. There can be some serious consequences in medical applications if the electromagnetic charge causes the components in medical equipment to fail.

Even the electrostatic current can set the complete laboratory or warehouse on the fire. Fixit Dubai supplies the best quality Antistatic Vinyl Flooring to save you against electrostatic waves. This floor does not let the current pass through that makes you safe from big hazards.

Uses Of Antistatic Vinyl Flooring

Antistatic flooring can be used for many purposes so you can easily buy them without thinking again and gain.

  • Electronic and high tech areas.
  • Cleanrooms.
  • Operating theatres.
  • Electronic and high tech areas.
  • Cleanrooms.
  • Operating theatres.

We not only provide vinyl flooring at relatively fewer rates, but we also provide satisfactory pre-sales and after-sales services including expert advice, sending free samples, installation services, free home delivery, etc. We also offer an annual testing service on your floor, if you like to avail yourself.

Our Antistatic Vinyl Flooring is made of high-quality materials to match all the requirements. We make sure that the product is of the best quality and we completely satisfy our customers.

How Does Our Antistatic Vinyl Flooring Work?

Well, you might think that how our Antistatic Vinyl Flooring ESD flooring work. It is hard to picture a floor working to reduce the ESD. In order to understand it, it is vital to note the Electrostatic Discharge’s nature.

Electrostatic discharge flows between two charged objects. For example, it could place between the work equipment in the lab and the skin of the worker. There is no need to be a physical connection between the two. Discharge can also take place between a short-range, which can end in a big spark. When you use antistatic flooring, you are working to disorder the electric charge of floor.

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High Quality Material of Our Flooring

Anti-static floors are made from static dissipative material that helps to dispel the electric charge, making a safe and harmless environment to work in.  We make our Antistatic Vinyl Flooring of the best quality material.

We provide a selection of Electrostatic discharge interlocking tiles that are almost 7mm in thickness or mat variant or anti-fatigue ESD tiles. The quality of anti-static floor tiles can differ considerably. This variation of quality depends upon the material used for making the ESD floor.

Benefits Of Antistatic Vinyl Flooring

Selecting a floor for your business can be a daunting task, especially if you are searching for the options that are favorable for your industry. For electronic, military, and health places, anti static flooring is best. It serves so many benefits. Let’s look at them.


Our Antistatic Vinyl Flooring is made of recyclable vinyl that is long-lasting and durable. Also, these floors look aesthetically pleasing.


Antistatic resin flooring is very easy to clean. We have all the supplies that are required to clean the floor, as it is important that no dirt or debris trapped on the floor.


The actual purpose of this floor is to reduce electrostatic discharge. This flooring is vital to be installed where there is a risk of static current damaging the building and people.


Installation and taking care of this floor is really simple. This floor can also be installed on the existing floor.

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Why Choose Us For Antistatic Vinyl Fixit Dubai?

All of us today and place your order for your Antistatic Vinyl Flooring. Our team will reach you no matter where you live in the UAE. they will install the antistatic tiles even on your existing floor. Your safety is our satisfaction.

At Fixit Dubai, we have no 1 quality antistatic floorings available in beautiful colors. We do not sell our antistatic floor until we test it for your safety. We are working to let you live a secure life. Install out the Antistatic floor and get tension free. So what you have to do is keep your antistatic floor clean.

Contact us on 971506379229 or send us an email at We are ready to serve you.